2012 the doom to come

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jemadarjo, Dec 31, 2011.

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  1. There have been predictions about the End of the World ever since human beings were able to understand the concept. In other words thousands of years before Judaism, never mind Christianity or Islam, came on the scene.

    Every society that ever existed had it's own myths/beliefs about the Creation and ultimate End of the world and humanity. Such beliefs are pretty much hard-wired into the human psyche. As to 2012 and the Mayan Long Count, most experts agree that it does not predict an end of world scenario, more a change in human consciousness and spirituality.

    Sorry, I forgot this was the Naffi Bar; buttocks, tits, cock etc.
  2. What we keep being told about the Mayan calendar:

    The Mayans, with their great mysticism, foreknowledge and scientific and mathematical skills, worked out that the world would end in 2012 and ended their calendar then.

    What actually happened:

    Mayan Calendar Maker - Your Majesty, we've gone out 2000 years in the future with this calendar, and well... me and the lads were thinking... well, your majesty, sorry to be blunt, but what the fuck use is that to any of us us? We'll all be dead about 1950 years before then, and someone else is surely going to be able to make a poxy calendar: it's not a perishable skill, after all. We've got trainee calander makers coming out of our ears.

    Mayan King - Mmmm. You may have a point. How long until you get to the end of this cycle thing that's so important to the calendar gurus?

    Mayan Calendar Maker - Another 12 years, Your Majesty. Well, not quite - ten days short of what the colonialists will ultimately impose upon us as a year.

    Mayan King - Mmmm. OK, get to the end of the cycle and sack it.

    Mayan Calendar Maker - Ta, Your Majesty. The lads will be well chuffed. I wonder if we could have a chat about maybe having a less complex calendar? I can forsee this one confusing a lot of people in the future with all its cycles, and stuff.

    Mayan King - True, but hardly the end of the world if it does, surely?
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  3. If the mayans were that clever how come they didn't foresee a group of lazy Dago's pretty much wipe out their entire civilization in between sleeping in the afternoon and going around pinching womens arses?
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  4. So, according to islam the anti christ is a one eyed lair born to a preacher. Arrse was saying that as well a year or so ago. :)

    There is no prophet who has not warned his people about the one-eyed liar.

    "It won't be long before the DECEIVER is born. He will be the son of a Rabbi"
  5. What was Gordon Brown's Father?
  6. Father of a cutn
  7. Oh bollocks!! City are going to win the prem and the end of the world is coming!!ghis will be the only time city win it!!! Oh well CoME on City !! Lol
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  8. A wanker who should of stuck to it?
  9. Gentlemen,

    Not giving respect to the father of a member is disrespectful to all fathers! Would you not agree? It is hoped that you will consider revising/amending some of the above comments.
    Respectively Yours
  10. If the Mayans were that fucking clever they would have forseen the arrival of some Spanish blokes and built an obstacle of a gently rising slope on the beach they landed on. The work involved in crossing such an obstacle would have been seen as too much like hard work for the average spaniard and they would have gone back home citing the fact they almost fell off the edge of the world as being the reason for not continuing.

  11. Fuck off you spastic
  12. My first and only prediction for 2012 is that we will enjoy much too much turkey a few days after 21 Dec. We not meaning all of us I'm afraid.
  13. Hmmmm...you might reconsider which forums you post in. Taking the piss is a high religion here.