2012 Olympic Tickets

Well looks like out of the £400 of tickets I applied for I got the total sum of £0 allocated.....so glad I bothered wading through the crap ticketing system and finding my one VISA card to pay for it all on...making sure I have enough in the account to pay for them at a crap interest rate and waited all this time to find out.

So glad I could be part of the 'games'

Anyone actually get a ticket?

No, didn't get a ticket. It doesn't appear to have been particularly well thought through. We only applied for 2 sets of 4 (and one of those was the second leg of the archery, so not exactly asking for the Mens' 100m Final) and have got nothing. I couldn't have asked for more, as I couldn't afford to be billed for any more. It seems bizarre to come up with a 'names out of a hat' plan which meant that if you had ordered £11,000-worth of tickets you would get none or all. Surely they could have allocated one event each, before going back round to allocate 'seconds' to people who wanted them.

Apparently us unlucky 'one in 7' who didn't get any will get first dibs when they do the next release (although what's the betting they change the rules for the second lot now they realise what a balls-up the first has been - in which case, I stand by to dip out again). And as for only one in seven missing out, I must have a very unlucky circle of friends, as no-one I know seems to have got any either.
I'll be honest I didn't want to go to any of the games as I'm a miserable sod. But the wife badgered me into applying for some tickets.

We applied a pair of tickets for the tennis (wifes choice), the football in Cardiff (we live near), and the BMX (my choice).
We've had approx £50 taken out of the account yesterday, which is for either the tennis or the football. The BMX was more expensive, so we can rule that out.

Should find out in a month or so what we've actually got.
Can't wait. :-x
Have applied to be a "Gamesmaker". Interview 1 done.

Jesus all I want to do is get into the triathlon..... I mean the Velodrome is a dream, as is the pool.

Pisses me off.... world cup cycling can buy tickets for feck all almost the day before the event. Cheap as chips, £10 for a whole day. Olympics every twat who ever owned a bike wants to watch now. Tri... there should be priority for British Triathlon members surely? Those of that actually contribute and race?
OK in the same stroke AAA members ought to get priority for the track, BC memebers for the velodrome etc.
I got my ticket ages ago, and I get to see all the top events, it only cost £145.50, so Boo Hoo to you all!!!


Even Boris Johnson is "cheesed off" that he did not get tickets (especially as he is an important bloke in the place where its being held).
What is not mentioned though (or confirmed I should add), is the apparent 9000 tickets procured by HM Gov. to be distributed and given away.
I didn't get any because its going to be shit
I guarantee on an empty stomach I'd win if there was! I'm actually fitter than the majority of regulars.
That is quite a sweeping statement, on what, pray, do you base it?
As far as I'm concerned, the Olympics are so corrupt that they make Sepp Blatter look like Mother Teresa.

I bitterly resent the money they are pissing up the wall on "my" behalf


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Applied for £1300 worth and have been billed for £136 of which £6 is delivery. It seems to be more successful to buy through a 2012 affiliated partner in France or Germany.
And Boris Johnson can get on one of his bikes and feck off. Glad he didn't get one. No doubt he'll get a freebee before then and make a complete Cnut of himself. Again.


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Let us remember it was Mr Blair and his cohorts, along with the Coe chap, who set this whole thing going. I personally do not believe anything could be fairly gained by the law abiding population of this country if any of that lot were ever involved.
Never even gave getting tickets a thought..... been on the site for work a few times ... just seems to be an utter waste of money and time .... legacy what legacy ? the only thing the olympics will leave is a few corrupt people who have made a fortune and a massive debt for the taxpayers of the uk ...the IOC make FIFA look like a bunch of angels .


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