2012 Olympic event tickets

Just heard on sky news that the 7.5 million tickets available to public for the London Olympics will, due to EU competition rules, have to be offered to the whole EU. Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong when if things go tits up [most olympic games end up as financial losses and the host taxpayers pick up the tab for years] it will be the Brits who will be out of pocket and not the EU? I should imagine if for instance the games were held in France, then they would just ignore the rules and do what was in their interest.


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The opening ceremony is a bit painful to say the least. Shooting is still good value. What's the betting most service personel not in the Stan won't see a thing as we'll be dicked for manning fire engines or the tube because the workshy buggers want to get more cash from HM Government.
Prices are a bit steep for some events but not out of the ordinary, you pay £35 to watch a premiership rugby match these days and the last 6 Nations I went to was over £100 and that was 5 years ago.

Looks like I will have to save up then in order to keep my promise to my daughter to take her to the equestrian events, it will be just my luck that they "pay your age won't apply for the days events she wishes to watch.
Equestrian Events which have a very wide audience across Europe means that you've got a very slim chance of a ticket. I've probably got as much chance living here in Hungary [which, IMHO is wrong].
I wonder how much the boxing finals ticket is?
I just hope that Greenwich Park is big enough for us all then (I don't mind watching the cross country but could do with out the dressage and show jumping).

Boxing looks like it is £395 to £95 for the men's finals, and £275 to £50 for the women, prelims £95 to £20 and all other rounds work their way up in price to the finals.
Just had a look and in the torygraph it says that there are consessions in over 200 events for kids and seniors [presumably oap's] so could be in luck.


According to this shooting is the cheapest, I still wont go, not even if I was paid to!
Surely if Pascale and Pedro do turn up,it will be less of a burden on the UK taxpayer as those Johnny Foreigner types will be helping out financially?
Wonder how many on incapacity benefits will be going to the events ? :)
What will be the shocker is when the £20 tickets are all bought up by f***ing touts and hiked up to £100+. I really hope they have a plan to stop these leeches from trashing the games.

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