2012 Olympic 50p coin "gets offside rule wrong"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Core Strife, Jan 7, 2012.

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  1. It was probably designed by a woman.
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  2. Who cares, it's only wendyball
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  3. They are still actually in an offside position :) it's the taking an "active part" and penalising bit that causes confusion
  4. To be pedantic about it, those 'refereeing experts' are wrong. The player is quite clearly in an offside position, it's then a matter of judgement on the part of the referee as to whether or not he is interfering with play, and thus liable to be penalised for being offside.

    He is still offside, he just isn't committing a foul. For the foul to be committed requires two things, 1 To be in an offside position, and 2 To be interfering with play, or interfering with an opponent, or by gaining an advantage by being in that position.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Deponds what team it is

    Liverpool - will give the coin it's full backing and say it's done nothing wrong whislt quoting you'll never walk alone (endlessly) King Kenny will model the new 50p t shirt in support
    Arsenal - Arsene Wenger will say he can't see it from where he was stood.
    Man Utd - Sir Alex Ferguson will go mental and refuse to speak to the FA or the Royal Mint ever again.
    Chelsea - John Terry called it a silver **** and stomped off

    North of the Border teams will also react to the news

    Rangers - state that the portrait of Her Majesty is Beautiful and being commited Loyalists and Crown Servants they didn't look past that.
    Celtic - The Green Brigade will unfurl a Banner saying all money except dole money with the Queens head on is an Imperialst threat to Northern Ireland.

    Diane Abbot will urge followers not to be divided by white mans money and it's football rules.
    Milliband and Balls will urge everyone to spend 49p of the 50p on public sector pensions.
    Cameron and Osborne will claim there isn't enough to go round and then send a truck full to India for their new Coke Machine Programme
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  6. Yes they are in an offside position. So surely the coin is right - whetever happens they are in an offside position even if they are not involved in play, in which case play is unaffected.
  7. What a bonk idea anyway. It looks stupid.
  8. Who gives a ****? I don't carry anything less than £50 notes in my wallet anyhow.

  9. Shouldn't it show some diva diving on the floor as if mortally wounded, only to get up again 3 seconds later and start sprinting around like gazelle?

    Fcuking wendyballers.

    An old one, but a good one nontheless...
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  10. FFS. It's a coin. It's to be spent (not on much, it is only 50p after all). If you want a rule book on kissball, buy a rule book on kissball!
  11. Rich walt.
  12. Could you buy a Pie with 50p?
  13. Next time you're at the kissball match you could always try lobbing one at the ref when he gets it wrong.
  14. Corrected it for you.