2012 Milton Keynes Marathon

Just wondering if anyone is running this. I have completed several half-marathons and am branching out into the world of full marathons. Looking forward to it. Any advice greatly appreciated.


I've ran a half marathon. Enjoyed it, as it was a good distance. Thought about going for a full marathon once and started training. I soon realised that it's a hell of a step-up, and sacked it. Good luck!
Right got my lace. I am going to do it and try and raise some money for Hols for Heroes. Did Bristol Half for sae cause last year and a lot of kind supporters stumped up so anyone who can help publlicise it please do.
I'm considering this. Did the MK half 2 years back and got a time of 1:31:43 so am really keen to do it. Having said that, it is a hell of a long way and I'm not sure if I really want to step up that much from a half to full marathon. Better make my mind up quickly though!


Im doing this. Looking forward to it. Hows the training going?

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