2012 Diamond Jubilee Medal?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by celticwarrior3551, May 1, 2007.

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  1. Yes there will be and it's a good idea

  2. Yes there will be and it's a bad idea

  3. No - Shame about that

  1. What are peoples thoughts on this, will H.M authorise one and if so what do you think the qualifying criteria will be?
  2. Gimme, gimme.

    Should be presented to everybody still serving who can produce their issued puttees, Boots DMS, KF shirt, lightweights and 58 Pattern webbing (to be worn for the presentation).
  3. Brenda to be alive would be a good starter...
  4. If it's your cadet issue does that count?
  5. Not forgetting the metal 'turtle' combat helmet. Could be worn on the medal parade without the spider inside so the metal spike digs into the top of your head. Could also jump up and down at the same time - I am still scarred after 20 years!

    Oh yes, recipients will also need to be wearing their Chines Fighting Suit and 'crisp packet' waterproofs!

  6. Refreshments should include toothpaste style jam, condensed milk and biscuits hard, very hard! Co-ordination will be achieved using A41 Larkspur radios of course.
  7. dont forget to include a lovely bar of choc from a rat pack 7 years out of date followed by some lovely orange screech
  8. Didnt you just love those elasticated chin straps!
  9. 37 pattern webbing, button sticks and a C11 radio
  10. the first issue of BCH, the ones that crippled you for life!!!
  11. 58 pattern webbing to be wet of course, Oh and it needs to have elastics sewn all over it. No Bergens, large (guffaw) packs only.
  12. And the plastic cheesegraters in your Boots, Ankle, DMS... :twisted:
  13. Don't forget "With digging tool attached" making sitting down impossible. 44 pattern steel bone dome with hessian scrimm (Wet and smelly) and added discomfort of 58 pattern fart sack attached to large pack....
  14. .....and a cap comforter.

    I never did work out which cap needed comforting because I was never issued a cap.

    Does anyone know whether they still issue two pairs of Stanley Matthews shorts in phase 1?
  15. Plus a tin of cheese possessed, bacon grill and a bar of tiffin chocolate.

    Wearing of jersey, heavy mans wool (made with real wool) sans epaullettes plus Shirts Khaki Flannel with shirt tails to be mandatory.