2012 Diamond Jubilee Medal?

Discussion in 'Medals' started by celticwarrior3551, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. What are peoples thoughts on this, will H.M authorise one and if so what do you think the qualifying criteria will be?
  2. Well, as long as it's not along the same shambolic line of the 1977 Silver Jubilee Medal where the Army got shafted by the RN and RAF I think any way Her Maj decides to pass em out to the boys and girls will be just fine with them!
  3. As long as its a real diamond i'm all for it - otherwise it will just be seen as another chocolate medal if it is done.
  4. Your making two assumptions here , one ,Liz Windsor will still be alive and two , that we will still have a monarchy. Neither of which are certain
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  5. How much does it cost to produce and supply medals to not only the forces, but the police, firemen etc etc.

    No way hose! Too much money!
  6. Please expand on this as I don't know the full story, I heard that only CO's and RSM's got them, is this correct?
  7. I seem to remember that about 5 per battalion were issued - so by the time the CO, RSM, QM, youngest soldier and regimental mascot got theirs, nothing was left for the rest of us. Bummer.
  8. The story (as told to me by my Dad) is that the army wanted all those having served the 25 years of Her Maj's reign to get one but were outvoted by RN and RAF who wanted persons in command of units (COs/OCs of independent sub units) and some odds and sods to get them and that's what happened. So your average Bn/Regt got a handful plus the chosen few! I feel that it should have gone to ALL those who had done 25 plus selected odds and sods (COs, youngest bod etc). It still gripes my Dad's shi'te today that he and others who had been in since the end of WW2 didn't get one yet the chior boys of Westminster Abbey/ Royal Chapel who sung at the memorial service did! A fact he reminds me of at least twice yearly when I show him my Golden Jubilee one prior to the Cav Memorial parade and Rememberance Sunday... :roll:
  9. I recall the CO, RSM, Provost Sgt and senior soldier got one back in '77 (Silver Jubilee). Ginnie Wade won Wimbledon the same year.
  10. If Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee is a precedent, those who already have the golden jubilee medal will only get a bar.
  11. I did notive at least one schoolboy wearing a golden jubilee medal with CCF uniform.....
  12. Let us hope that the 1897 award sets a precedent should Her Majesty still reign on 6th February 2012.

    The Jubilee Medal 1887 was issued to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The medal was 30 millimetres in diameter and was issued in gold, silver or bronze depending on the staus of the recipient. In all cases, the ribbon was blue with wide white stripes at both edges. In all cases the medal was issued unnamed. The obverse side contained a profile of Queen Victoria, with the reverse side had a wreath which encloses the text "In Commemoration of the 50th Year of the Reign of Queen Victoria 21 June 1887".

    To mark Queen Victoria's Diamond (60th) Jubilee in 1897, another medal was issued. This was identical to the 1887 version, except that the year and anniversary date were different. Holders of the 1887 medal received a "1897" clasp which was worn across the ribbon to the 1887 medal.
  13. We dont need another pointless medal do we? We will end up like the Yanks if we continue issuing medals for that. Keep it to campaigns, we will get another couple soon if Bush gets his way.
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  14. I recall only one recipient of the Silver Jubilee Medal in my Bn although there were several QM/LE officers who were serving at the time of the Coronation. 1977 was not a particularly good time for the army; abysmal pay, Ulster tours every year, moratorium on spending etc., we lost a lot of good captains and corporals through disenchantment. Issuing everyone the medal would undoubtedly have boosted moral.
    If, God willing, HM is around in 2012 I believe every serving member of the armed forces should receive the Diamond Jubilee Medal not just a select few.
  15. Delete 1977 and insert 2007, delete Ulster and insert Iraq/Afghanistan.

    My God, it all looks oddly similar.