2012 Counselling For Met.


char wallah

What possible experiences might leave Met Police officers needing "counselling to help them 'reintegrate' " after guarding the 2012 Olympic Torch relay?

Would that (duty) not be seen as a welcome change to routine police work for those involved?

The (linked) BBC article states -
"Mindful of the fact that officers will be taken away from their homes for 70 days, their reintegration back into the Met after the event is already being carefully planned.
"The welfare of our staff is of paramount importance."
That bit is fair enough but I was miffed as to where the counselling part is needed.

BBC News - 2012 Olympic torch police counselling 'barking mad'

Seems a strange use of the term if all they mean is changing the shifts back around.

Good luck to them either way, I'm sure they'll do a good job but counselling? Really? :\\\\Ho hum!

char wallah

sorry....I'll open my eyes next time attempt to vent my confusion. Cheers for that!

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