2011 Summer Challenge

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cicero, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. I'll be going to selection in a couple of months, hopefully going on to attend the RLC TA Summer Challenge in Grantham, eventually going on to a local transport unit.

    Is anyone doing the Summer Challenge this year - in Grantham or anywhere else?
  2. yes m8 i wil be doin summer challenge in Grantham as long as i can get the time off from work ?
  3. Hey, glad to speak to someone else who's hoping to go, have you passed selection for it? I'm not able to do mine until June due to University, bit worried that it'll be a full course by then.
  4. What does it involve? I have a leaflet on it but it doesn't explain much , was corner by the TA down my local shopping centre recently so I havn't had much time to look at it , I am interested in it though.
  5. i have selection in May hopefully , i spoke to my recruiter about it after speaking with Swampy on here about it .. i got a phone call and have been issued a place as long as i pass selection ... it's basic training all in one two weeks solid from the 9th - 22nd july then a week break and resume again from the 30th - 12th Aug
  6. Ah, that's great. Well I'm just getting my papers off for it now, I'll have to ring and ask how full the course is. Hopefully I'll see you there.
  7. Yer wicked .. try to see if you can get a place , i just hope i can get time off work !
  8. There are still quite a few places to be allocated from what I see from our Recruiting Team (I am part of). So yes there are spaces but it'll start filling up with students wanting to do their course over the Summer out of the way of University and such.
  9. Are you part of recruiting ? Where are you based ?

  10. I am only part of my units recruiting team and not the Summer Challenge DS.
  11. Which unit ?
  12. Good to know that there's still space, those documents will be going off first thing on Monday, and I'll give them a ring just to ask about places left.
  13. look forward to meeting you in July ... i canna wait !!
  14. Guys, if you don't mind saying, where did you get your information on this TA Summer Challenge?

    I passed selection recently and I'm due to start TSC(A) at weekends starting 29/30 April, with my Regional Training Centre. However its much more convenient for me to do it in one go than at weekends, so my unit is meant to be finding out about Summer Challenge for me.

    They told me Summer Challenge was intended to be for TA Potential Officers - is that right?
  15. No, Summer leader is for potential officers, well those already in the system, where are you based?