2011 Remembrance Cenotaph Parade London

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chunkygucci, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. Ticket has arrived in the post from the Corps Association.

    Anyone else going?

    See you on Horse Guards Parade.

    1 toilet for 20,000 :|
  2. About 20,000
    Google "Anfield Hot-pocket".
  3. There are toilets at Marlborough Gate, half way up St James' Park opposite St James' Palace in the Park

    Also in Trafalgar Sq and at Westminser Tube station (Parliament St/George St) Entrance if they are open
  4. Piss your pants. Woeks for me everytime. Bonus if its cold as its like a warm fuzzy feeling..............
  5. I'll be the one with dreadlocks and a manky dog on a piece of string spitting on the bomber command lot calling them babykillers
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  6. HHH

    HHH LE

    The Queen and some of her family and friends will probably turn up, if they're free that day !
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  7. RTFQ


    There's a pub about 100m west of phalangist's corner called 'the fedora'. It used to be a government shelter, so it has about four times the toilets it needs and there's never a queue. Use the one disabled one because there'll be loads of the limbless ones from afg needing a power lag and it will annoy the HELL out of them when you spend twenty dropping the boys off.

    Especially the decorated ones. Fecking posers.
  8. Don't worry about it. Just pitch up at the gate of Wellington Barracks and ask if you can crimp one out in the Officers' Mess bogs. The Guard Commander will very understanding and keen to oblige.