2011 fitness requirements

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by chrishopper33, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. i know this has come up a few times, but what are the fitness requirements for joining the TA? the latest ones!

    i am in the joining process and can not find the run time to beat. some sites say one thing and others somethng different.

    so whats the run time?
    press ups?
    anything else?

    any help would be great.​
  2. For selection..

    1.5miles within 14mins

    afaik the sit ups and press ups have now been replaced with other exercises to measure core strength

    for example lifting various weighted bags up and placing them on a shoulder height shelf, pulling exercises etc
  3. thank you very much, very helpful.

    does anyone know anything elses i should be ready for???

    any help would be great.
  4. When you join they want the run time to be a max of 10mins 30secs, something like 46 sit-ups in 2mins and round about the same amount of push ups, thats for regular army but only did run at selection with pull ups and dynamic lift shit
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  6. As a potential recruit the standards required are very much lower than that of a trained soldier. Designed to exhibit a basic level of fitness that with a bit of advice and direction can be improved upon. The TA will not make you fitter, you have to make yourself fitter in your own time! Tests im aware of are the 1.5 mile run in 14 mins, jerry can carry test, 100m (i think) paced alongside a PTI, power bag lift (lifting increasingly heavier bags onto a 1.7m (ish) platform). I have seen recruits doing circuit sessions, boot runs and endurance runs, they really mix the training up here at 49(E) Brigade. There are other assessments such as the lumbar strength tests where you are strapped to a device that doesnt move but instead measures the force exerted onto it to determine your level of strength in your back.
  7. UNTIL JAN 01 2012

    PARA/SF RUN 09.30 LIFT (BAG) 40 kg 150 JERRY CAN CARRY 150 m
    INF RUN 14.00 LIFT (BAG) 40 kg JERRY CAN CARRY 150 m
    This will change to Regular standards wef JAN 01 2012
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  10. again thanks for the info, seems to be a little different time, but i will go on 14mins for run and just keep fit in general.

    any tips for the tests???
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  12. You can walk it in 14 minutes
  13. Or, you could train down to 1030 with 45(minimum) press ups and 50(minimum) sit ups and then you'll not need to worry about your fitness during training and therefore you'll be able to spend more time on other things.
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  14. I did my TA RSD at Waterbeach in August and the only pass/fail scenario was the 1.5 mile run, everything else (jerry can lift/static lift/pullups etc) was as an observation of our fitness, not a test.
    As I was applying for Infantry I had to complete the run within 12:30 (I did 11:37, which I have since got down to 10:50), all others; 14:00 or less.
    My tips; show effort, stay hydrated, don't eat too much during lunch (you'll want to stay light on your feet), and most importantly; get chatting and enjoy it :D
  15. i have just come back from doing my BARB, which i passed, was told i need a score of 26 to pass - i got 41.

    the recruting bloke told my that the run time is 10.5mins and you need to be able to do 40 pressup and 40 situps, both in 2 mins, but not together.