2010 UK/US Exchange

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by OIC_UK/US_Exchange, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. The UK/US Exchange Programme will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2010 and we're now accepting applications.

    The standard instruction was cascaded to all major HQs today but in the interests of speed and efficiency the ARRSE management have kindly allowed us to advertise the Exchange here.

    So if you're:
    1. In the TA*
    2. A full corporal or above
    3. Interested in spending your 2010 Annual Camp period finding out how a US unit with a role similar to yours goes about its business...

    ...get over to The Exchange Website, read the detail and download your application form.

    Your application must bear your CO's recommendation and be sent electronically to HQ LF by your adjutant/RHQ.

    Closing date: 9 Dec 09...so get your skates on!

    *Sorry, no FTRS, NRPS or Regular Soldiers.
  2. I can recommend it whole heartedly, we had a fantastic time, we even learnt stuff.

    Dont miss the oppotunity guys and gals.
  3. Spent all the money I "earned" on alcohol in Washington, DC and Indianapolis.
  4. The application form doesn't seem to be present on that area of Armynet (the link just brings up the accompanying letter).

    "Full corporal" - substantive or will acting do?!

  5. Scavenger,
    The application form will be available in a few minutes once the server has published the amendments. Thanks for flagging that up.

    Unfortunately, the rules say substantive ranks only but this applies to the actual exchange exercise. If your CO can assure me that you will be promoted to substantive corporal by the time the wheels leave the tarmac at Heathrow (which could be late summer 2010), then crack on.

    Hope this helps.
  6. The link in the box on the right is still broken, the link in the text is now working.
  7. Thanks Idrach,
    ACMS got the HTML a bit muddled and lumped both buttons into one.
    Page fixed, should be live by 1130hrs.
  8. And now all fixed :) ACMS really doesn't make it easy to analyse the HTML ...
  9. msr

    msr LE

    How do the budget cuts affect this program?

  10. you don't get paid, have to pay your own travel and when the Yanks come to visit they find a sign on the gates saying "just popped out, back in April 2010"?
  11. "Late summer 2010" - current trg cutbacks only apply until May 2010?
  12. The in-year savings measures relate to TY09/10.
    The 2010 UK/US Exchange will be conducted in TY10/11.

    The only planned element of TY09/10 MTD expenditure is the briefing in early March. This is being moved to early April and will be announced once arrangements are confirmed. The resulting impact may be the loss of a low-intensity three-week period in May owing to the necessary post-briefing administration.

    No budgetary direction has yet been received for TY10/11, therefore the Programme will continue until I am told to adjust or cancel by my CoC.

    Commanders are reminded that this is a useful post-operational retention tool for junior commanders who have distinguished themselves on ops. The MTD and T&S expenditure at unit level is only slightly higher than the camp period for a normal training year, thus the Exchange still represents excellent value for both money and time.
  13. Asked if I could do the exchange. Told I could do it as a 2nd Camp, only on C1.

    So I can't afford to do it.