2010 Remembrance Day Walt Sweepstake

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Oyibo, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. It's bound to happen - some guy with a ludicrous mix of medals rocking up somewhere. Where will it be, what unit will the guy/gal claim to have been in, and what will his oldest and newest medals be? Bonus points for most outrageous medal.

    I am going for:

    Northampton (Don't know why, it just seems obvious to me);
    Parachute Regiment;
    Korean War and Gulf War 1;
    An Australian Vietnam medal.

    I will donate 50 quid to RBL if anyone guesses right before the first media report.

    (You are not allowed to nominate yourself!)

  2. I want to see the first to out a PJM wearer :)
  3. No my money is on a;

    French Foreign Legion/UK/Omani/combo in Cornwall,

    same I will donate £50 to the RBL
  4. I like it - shows individualism :)

    Nice one on the £50 BTW
  5. Had to Google that one, but it would be in the running for the bonus points :)
  6. Hmmmm we seem to have had quite a lot of Para and SAS walts recently (its getting rather boring).
    Why not have a walt who claims to have been one of the surviving 40 of the Glostershire regiment at the Imjim river Korea.
    He will have then gone on the join the French Foreign Legion (despite not speaking any french) and fought with 1BEP at Dien Bin Phu and Algeria and claim this gives him first hand knowlege of how counter insurgencies should be fought and be very critical of the generals of todays fuck ups if only they'd listen to him all would be well.
  7. Perhaps you're right about PARA and SAS being old 'hat'.

    I'm in France at the moment and going to see what they do today for remembrance. I'll be careful not to do a Chinooksdad and grip anyone who says they were at DBP. (Actually, I was there. But that was last year.)
  8. What are the criteria for a Tropper walt?
  9. Bars to all medals?
  10. All of the armies, medals, and campaigns mentioned above?
  11. And two sheds to fit them all in...
  12. :) In seriousness (sort of), put in your best guess. There's already £100 pledged to RBL if anyone gets close enough.
  13. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Have no fear Tropper is still living as a hermit on an Island in the Bristol channel with no internet access
  14. Care to have a stab at what today's well-dressed walt will be wearing Tr... er Jim? There's money going to the RBL if you're correct.
  15. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Italian Afrika campaign medal
    Vietnam medal
    Esso points medal

    In Hull worn by an unshaven bloke in a grubby mac, shades to hide his 1001yd stare. Sitting alone in pub corners.

    £50 to RBL as per the rules.