2010 Idiot Chav of the Year

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by seaweed, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

  2. What a scruffy twat
  3. He had obviously just got back from the gym in that picture!! Id bet a weeks wages that's the same rig he wore when he was up in front of the judge,I ******* despise them.
  4. what a thick, scruffy parasite. If I was his mother I'd be claiming that I didn't know him in court and bowing my head in shame not berating the judge. CNUT! Nuff said...
  5. Too much of the year left to run to pick that award for 2010 yet.
  6. I have now decided to take a class legal action against the OP under the pretence of false advertising.

    I came into this thread under the impression that I would be regailed with a current affairs masterpiece concerning the leadership of the Labour Party. Instead it is story about some fuckwit in a tracksuit. I fear I may lose as trades description may be used in defence.....or some such shit!
  7. The Ex-Millionare 'king of the Chavs', Michael Carroll, has got to be a contender, up in court for drink/driving again. Fat waste of oxygen!!
  8. Waste of space, time and money. Drown the fuckwit. 'Nuff said.
  9. This kind of reminds me of the story of Costas Georgiou ( AKA Colonel Callan ) , who whilst serving in the Paras in Belfast robbed a Post Office, using the PRI minibus as a getaway vehicle. He simply could not understand how the RMP rumbled him so quickly.
  10. A fairly simple bloke at work down the East End a few years ago, was invited to attend a robbery in the office of getaway driver. Rolled up at the correct time, drives the gang away from the scene, in his own car to his own house, and couldn't work out how the Police were there waiting for him.
    Even his dad reckoned he was a bit dim.
  11. I have to say there is no hope for halfwits like this. We might as well just throw the key away cos he's clearly not bright enough to ever get a job. Any chance we can form a Royal Chav Mineclearing Battalion?

    Offer them an incentive like a lifetime supply of WKD, cider and fags, issue them with some ammo boots and get them to walk in front of every serving soldier anytime they step outside of camp bastion.
  12. I'm a great believer in progress and I strongly suspect that the winner of this year's award will pale into shallow insignificance compared to the backrunners in the 2015 contest.
  13. Pig shit is very thin in comparison.
  14. I've just googled him; interesting bloke, whose in a league of his own, and it would be unfair to compare him with the chav-suite guy.
  15. If you can get hold of an old copy , there is a book about the Angolan called "Firepower" by Dave Tomkins who was one of the mercenaries.
    Georgiou was , by all accounts , a complete psycho.There must be threads on here on the subject too.
    Anyway , way off topic.