2010 holidays at Bovington

Afternoon all. Just a quick question, i'm currently doing phase 1 trainin at bassinbourn and i'm looking for some info for a mate who's joinin QRH for this years holidays for phase 2 recruits at bovington. I'l be going to Arborfield and we get set leave there, just wondering if it will work the same for him. It's nothing urgent but he's looking to take advantage of the cheaper holiday prices around at the moment. Any help is appreciated cheers!
Taffnp said:
Weymouth is only down the road, would look at staying there B&B or a caravan
P2 recruits arent allowed out in weybitza. ;)

P2s in Bovvy get leave inbetween courses if theyre lucky - and not on the waiting list for another course - Cat B driving is a killer to wait for. You cant book leave for dates in advance either ( at least the people I know who've tried couldnt) because the course lists are seemingly always changing. Before I went people we getting denied leave left right and centre , even if they have a 6 + week wait on thier next cse dates. I was there for 6 months , and had 1 week of individual leave , and 2 week at xmas.
This still live? I stayed in a B&B not far from the Tank Museum, near where the old Bailey Bridge once was, or Bovvy Middle School, if your memory doesn't go back that far :D

Called Sika's Rest, here is a link to an advert for the place.

It comfortably accommodated three of us attending the JLR Reunion last year.

If you have Google Earth, enter these coordinates to see the exact location:

N 50° 41.468' W 2° 13.482'

Last year it cost me £40 a night in the twin room.

Hope this proves helpful.

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