2010 end of year review how was it for you?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Dec 31, 2010.

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  1. So how was 2010 for you annus horribilis or an indifferent/good year?

    Me offically turned middle aged this week, Played the field again this year however now met a great lass. Helped H4H in a very small way the best that I could and nearly killed some stupid clown in the process.
    NAd had a blast with the ARSSE crawl in Edinburgh and met some new drinking idiots along the way. Still never got to see my daughter so looks like court next year

    Well expect this in the hole shortly so what rocked or sunk your boat this year?
  2. Like the curate's egg - good in parts
  3. Got my A Levels, passed Army selection, split up with the bint... Couldn't be any better!
  4. Work sent me to Florida, twice! youngest daughter is moving in with me, eldest seems to be in a stable-ish relationship. It's all good. Last GF could deep throat better than any porn star. I'm living the dream.....lmao
  5. Joined the army, fulfilled a life long dream. Started Phase 1.

    Split with the long term misses and now enjoying the fact I have a half dozen birds "on call"

    A good year, looking forward to continuing into the next.
  6. Left the job after 25 years and am deeply regretting it. Am now in a shit job which I can't abide. Let's hope '11 is better than this shit.
  7. Meh, it's been a so-so year. Financially going downhill fast as I moved and although to a better house with a more amenable landlord, it's meant a £150 month rise in outgoings. Socially fantastic as thanks to that devil's spawn, Facebook, I managed to catch up with 20 of my original 29 basic training mukkers, we had a reunion in March and we appear to be keeping in touch better than we did 22 years ago, thanks in large part to the wonders of modern technology. In addition, the inaugural meeting of the Arrse Camping Club was a resounding success, so much so we are going to do it all again in May :) (anyone interested, see Legs for details on joining the group). Romantically, met someone, realised very quickly that person wasn't who he pretended to be, kicked him in to touch and pretty much resigned to being single(ish) for the foreseeable. Healthwise, fit as a fiddle as are my family so what more could I ask?

    2011? Probably more of the same!
  8. Same sh*t,different year
  9. Pericarditis the perfect end to the perfect year:spiderman:
  10. Bloody brilliant! I found myself a really good job driving trucks for Laura Ashley and I'm the very proud Father to Jack Lewis who graced us with his presence on the 3rd of June and he is quite simply the best baby we could ever have hoped for!
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Fecking brilliant. Retired 31/12/2009 and had a great, stress free year. Was allowed to help out with the book reviews so got to read a lot of stuff I would not normally take on. Turned 60, stopped drinking, took up new interests.

    Life could be better - in fact, at the moment, it could not really be much better.

    Now just watch some bugger come along and mess it up :)
  12. Wank Durch, been a strange year but good news on Wednesday couldn't dampen any shite that has come my way this year, bring on 2011.
  13. Turned 40 in November which I wasn't looking forward to, but in the end turned out to be better than expected. Had Swine flu in the summer and just had flu again this Christmas so health wise I could have done better. Work wise, they still couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery, but at least I've still got a job.
    With 2.5 hrs to go may I wish all my fellow Arrsers a Happy New Year.
  14. 2010 not a bad year, wifeys health hasn't got any worse but at the same time hasn't got any better. Eldest lad just turned 18 and I can remember the 30th December 1992 like it was yesterday, the problem is I have problems remembering what I did last week,, hohum guess thats the joys of being 45.
    Health wise for me still as fit as a butchers dog. Will 2011 be as good as 2010, I hope its not much different, could do with more money but who couldn't..

  15. It has been a good year. Like Grey_Mafia65, I enjoyed the first Arrse Camping meet and look forward to the next,which I think will be even better.

    On the downside for 2011, I've recently developed Ophthalmic Trigeminal Neuralgia which is a bundle of fun.