2010 Britain - A Banana Republic?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, May 11, 2010.

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  1. Banana republic politics. Maybe Robert Mugabe is giving Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown policy advice in exchange for asylum in the UK, with full benefits, free housing, free healthcare, free education. But hey, we can afford it tho, as the hard working folk will work to the grave to pay for it all. All hail the great socialist dear leader. Broken Britain 2010 - Democracy, my arse.

    I'm that angry, i hope some c*nt slots GB :evil: :x :evil:
  2. We have been a Banana republic for the last 13 years and I am just waiting for the state of emergency to be called to Mandleson can take over as Grand High PooBar
  3. A Banana Republic indeed......

    Any 'coalition/cobbled together' agreement between any of the main parties, the Limp-Dicks/Labour Nu-Marxist Party of GB, or the Limp-Dicks/Tory Boys will come unstuck within months. 'Political Tribalism will rear its ugly head, and it will be back to squabbles about who does what to whom, with whom and how, just like a bunch of old Tarts squabbling over who's turn it is to tout for business on the street corner!!

    Nothing will be done to reduce the UKs Public Debt.. They will all be too busy shoring up their own pathetic little empires. It all makes one sick to see the likes of Brown and Labour still trying it on, grasping political power like Ebeneezer Scrooge's grip on a Sixpence piece.

    But, hey!! This is what politics is all about -- horse trading and dickering like the bunch of F'KingTarts they are. Then they will try and sell their Bullshit to the public.

    My Old Granny used to say, that something will sort itself out no doubt. But I still think that we will have another Gen. Election to contend with later this year, or possibly early in 2011.

    Hopefully the New Labour Marxist Party of GB will have sunk itself into oblivion with its new generation of Political Tarts runing it. The class of 'Proffessional Politicians' who come straight from University/College into politics, and who know diddly-squat about anything in particular, except how to spin "Tall Tales" and blatant lies.

    (The same could be said of all the main political parties nowadays)
  4. How conveniently you have forgotten that it is the legacy of Tony Blair that we live in today. Gordon Brown could not fart over the books without Mr Blair and Mr Campbell's say so.

    'Banana Republic'? Am getting rather weary of hearing such trite expressions bandied about without much thought to their meaning or application. Yes, this is a good site for whinging, but on this particular nonsensical point perhaps you should just shut yourself in the toilet and have a wank. You'll feel better :roll:
  5. Banana Republic?

    Aaayyy Chiquita!!
  6. Banana Republic?
    Septic Isle
    Screaming in the Suffering sea
    It sounds like crying
    Everywhere I go, yeah
    Everywhere I see

    Etc etc
  7. quick - to the hole!
  8. Hardly a Banana Republic. No government and things carry on as normal, seems pretty stable country to me.
  9. A banana monarchy surely - or is there more news I do not know about?
  10. Are you implying that all UK politicians are bent, yellow and hang together in bunches?
  11. I did read a report in the Times a few years ago after a particularly bad round of postal votes who's legality were called in to question. The presiding judge was quoted as saying something along the lines of "some of the practices used in this election would shame a banana republic". So no, we aren't a banana republic, apparently we're worse. :D
    I just love the image of a judge talking down to a bunch of politicians and telling them they should all be ashamed of themselves and they have to at least appear contrite in front of him.
  12. We,re all doomed!
  13. And we are stil a monarchy (thankfully!)