201 (22 Armd Bde) HQ & Sig Sqn

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Sparkplug, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. Anyone out there who served 88 - 92 ish at 201 in Hohne. Had some quality times, especially in the old Sqn Bar in MB (forgotten the No), Remember the curtauins in the Bar, pulled across to hide the wives club kit, had many a piss on the teddys etc to save going up the stairs (seemed OK at the time), Mic MAC's the quality local DISCO !

    Names that crop to mind........... Clever Trevor (RCT Fat Tw**), Ali Mc MT LCpl, Stan B MT LCpl, Mark R took over from the mad MT Sgt Barney something, Al Hendo, Stu W, Arfur Daly all Powerman, Bowks, Silky Wilky, operators, the old SQMS Dave C, the defence Platoon including R D ex welsh guards, Fat scouse fullscew funny twat, the YofS Jock George G and his bulled boots, that fuking mad SSM known as FLIPPER.... just to name a few, can anyone add to this.......... good old days and people.
  2. Mark R is now an LE and still has a devious sense of humour.

    Flipper was a God bothering fuckwit and I wouldn't trust him to be a babysitter, if you get my drift.

    Was Clever Trevor also known as "The Cat" due to his goal keeping skills?
  3. Yes Clever Trevor the Cat, poor twat got the shite ripped out of him all the time, toss Keeper apparently I never played footie. Mark M, have bumbed into him a few times over the years, quality bloke, serving at some TA place now.

    Some more names, Robbo the TECH with the little thumb growing out of his proper thumb, mutant twat, Mick Ferris the REME Artisan with the Gay voice, Pete Smith the oldest TECH SSgt ever in the history of the Corps.....
  4. Pete Smith the oldest TECH SSgt ever in the history of the Corps.....Hmm I remember him from about 1985. I had thought him a good bloke until one day the Sqn 2i/c, Captain Marsh*l threw a tantrum on a squadron run, and told Smith to charge me with insubordination, which he did, even though he had no idea what had happened (basically because nothing had) Anyway that episode changed my view of the Army and from then on I had no “respect” for higher ranks as they could, and would, lie so long as it made them look good. Ho Hum!
  5. I was at 201 1986-92,plenty of good lads from what I can remember. To name a few, Techs Mick B, Porky and Toddy, Powermen, Arthur Daley, Stu and Dave M. Rad ops Titch, Coatsey ( The last of the Famous International Playboys) and Jock M***ne. DTG's Gilly & Reg Perrin. Lineys, Rob R, Matt F and Brassneck. Relay OPs Eric Bristow,Scouse, Hartley and as previously mentioned by Geordie Blerk Bowks who I seem to remember was a tall good looking lad who loved Brigade clerks!!!! I almost forgot the RTG's Fergie, Bob Hope, ,Goody and Steve S***S. Hope these names jog your memories a bit, HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!
  6. Guys,
    I have been looking for two lads who were based in Hohne around this time. They would have been moved to Soltau for Op Granby. One was an RCT Driver E**y Edwards and the other was a Liney, An*y Bea*t*e.
    Would you let me know if you know these two or know of there where abouts.
  7. I was in 201 from 86 - 88, just missing that pompous, fat OC B*b Hu**ey, we had a good bloke Da*id W*lls instead. Lots of PT, FofS D*tt, 2Lt Bi**ing*am and the Hohne 65km march spring to mind. We ran rather than marched and the team couldn't walk at the end, we had to be carried away, madness. I was then a young, fresh-faced officer, now considerably older but not much wiser.
  8. AB may have moved to 14, can´t remember the guys first name, that I knew. Was he a PTI?
  9. Is this is a "wah" thread? There seems to be a lot of mentions of completely obvious names along the lines of Cha*kie Wh*te and Smu*dge Sm*th.
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  10. I was there aprox. 1982-84. Those names where soundbite ones that people got given. I kinda enjoyed my time in Hohne. It was fun but despite the propaganda Verden was better.

    In my time it was 201 Sig. Sqn (22 Bde)=Hohne and 1 ADSR (1 Div HQ)=Verden.
  11. Was in 22 Bde from 79 to 81 before some bastard at Verden wanted a posting to 7 Bde.... boss wouldn't release him as he had no replacement. Then he got told about me in Hohne and so I was posted to Ugly Div and othe guy got his posting to EffingB :(
  12. I was in the Sqn 84-86 and it was brilliant. The SSM was a complete knob, but the troop staffies were a scream.....literally. Each trying to outdo each other with shouty discipline and bone charges for siggies and lance jacks. One infamous episode involved Pete S, Bravo Troop(?) staffy and a young lance jack known as Spike. One Friday morning Pete charged Spike for having fluff on his beret (No, really. It was part of the competition between troop staffies, kind of like nominating which pool ball would go into which pocket). Spike gets bust and is suitably morose so heads out for skinful. Comforting him later in the bar, one wag suggested it could be worse, he could be in nick. Cue baiting, from a spotty little bespectacled tech, swiftly followed by a quick hard punch from Spike. Spike sees the inside of the nick all weekend then on orders on Monday morning gets 28 days in the pokey. All part of the sport!

    The MT Sgt was also a ******* knob who thought it would be funny to try to put his hand up my wife's skirt. I have only hit 2 people while in the army, and he was the first. 'Kin ********. Later the bruiser artisan staffy also decked him for what he had done earlier. Good lad!

    Ahhh Hohne. Panzers, SLRs and the red hordes about 30 Ks away.
  13. Anybody actually manage to escape from a boning by you?

    Waffling Twat!
  14. Hey, Slips, bet I banged more 3.5KVA Onans than you!

    Persec.......My name is Unkum Plonk and I don't give a fcuk!
  15. Bloody support trades! :)