2009DIN01-092 - Rejoiners able to enlist up to 54 yrs of age

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by walk-on-the-wild-side, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. Although I've posted this in the TA Forum, this covers Regular Reservists really - I thought this was the best forum to flag this DIN up!

    This DIN has been out since April 09, however, I stumbled across it for the first time today at work and I haven't seen it anywhere else on ARRSE. go on then, some clever cnut prove me wrong! :roll:

    What I have copied and pasted below is from page 4 of 2009DIN01-092

    16. Age. Soldiers may be re-employed up to the following ages:

    a. Regular Army.

    (1) Re-enlistments up to 33rd birthday. (Which most already knew about.)

    (2) Rejoiners as determined by A&SDs up to 9 months before 55th birthday. (How many knew about this?)

    b. TA. Up to the day before his or her 43rd birthday or up to 9 months before 55th birthday for those with Regular service.

    The reason for point 2 (Rejoiners) is to allow potential 6 months deployment on S Type engagement before normal retirement age.

    Just thought that I'd share this, however, if it has been shared already, I'll ferk off!
  2. I've always said that age should not be a barrier. More recently I've had close contact with older (Regular) recruits with no problems whatsoever, in fact quite the opposite - hard working, detemined and enthusiastic individuals.

    With regard to what is stated in the DIN - "(2) Rejoiners as determined by A&SDs up to 9 months before 55th birthday."

    armyjobs.co.uk states the cut off as being 52 - http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk/howdoijoin/canijoin/Pages/EntryRequirements.aspx

    Whoever the webmaster is, I think he/she should ammend what is stated as being the upper age for ex-regulars, for some strange reason, I think that the DIN is more factual.

    Anyway, that's my tuppence worth, the more oldies around the better, then I wont stand out as much! :)
  3. I think it was also written in to allow for the MLSE contract which people sign up to serve with MPGS under too :)

    However it certainly doesnt mean that the Army will allow it to happen, given that they have run out of vacancies for the year already and are almost undoubtedly going to be announcing shortly that we are fully manned, then i would imagine that it will be used to satisfy the fact that 'we can' but we dont need to at the moment ;)
  4. Have you seen some of the Staff officers in Bde (no names, no pack drill, you know who you are). There will soon be disabled car parking spots outside the HQ buildings....................................
  5. OK, this being the case do any of you TA bods know of any unit recruiting that would take people of this age?

    (Not that I've hit 5-0 yet, I'm 49 :roll: )
  6. msr

    msr LE

    RAF Aux do.

    And the ACF are always after instructors.


  7. :oops:
  8. Yes
  9. "You are correct that ex-regular’s can re join the TA up 54 years of age, as per 2009DIN01-092. This would be under the terms of a special enlistment i.e. permission is sought from the Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow to‘re-hire’ the individual concerned; this applies to any ex-regular personnel over the age of 43 and up to 54."

    Well Guys, the TA are interested in a (not feeling quite so old now) F*rt, I have been invited along to a meet and greet, best bib and tucker and valet parking for the Zimmer frame. 8O
  10. I attended the meet and greet at Finsbury Barracks yesterday, all went well and they didn't see my age as a problem, age in my mind is just a number anyway, it is down to your outlook on life and fitness... :roll:

    Paperwork received and ready for submission, recruit selection weekend at the end of the Month :wink:
  11. Where are you planning to go/what job are you looking at or being looked at for in the HAC?
  12. I thought APC Glasgow had to approve ex regulars before they can go on RSD?
  13. APC does have to issue an over age authorization before the enlistment process can commence, fact. However if HAC run their own internal courses then mabe RSD could be done by them, however an over age authority will have to be sought at some point.
  14. So can an ex reg over 33 but under 55 re join the regular army?
  15. Whoops :lol: then I guess I shouldn't have sent packing the Half Centurion who polled up looking to rejoin last week. Then again he had a curious attitude for a job applicant judging by the chip on his shoulder. Made me glad I didn't dig out the special enlistment paperwork :D