[2009 RBL] - Why the Royal British Legion?

Obviously there are a whole lot of charities out there who support military personnel (Combat Stress, BLESMA, ABF, H4H, etc) so why have we decided to fund raise for the grand daddy of them all (the RBL dates back to World War One)?

I guess the first thing to say is that IMHO all the military charities do an excellent job and would be worthy recipients. Our choice is therefore not based on any suggestion that the RBL is 'better' or 'more deserving' than the others.

Rather it is a reflection on the fact that the RBL is probably the biggest charity helping military, former military and families, with a national presence (even in Scotland where they work with 'Poppies Scotland') and a huge national case load. Typically they have 300k welfare/friendship visits per year, 36k ongoing War Disablement Pension cases and 9.8 million people are eligible for their assistance. Want to see who they help or how they can help?

We also hugely respect the influence they have and the good use it is put to via the Legion's campaigning work. Most people will have heard of the 2007 'Honour the Covenant' campaign which has been largely successful. They are now in the process of taking this forward to the General Election with the 'Time To Do Your Bit' manifesto.

Needless to say none of this comes cheap and this is why we are proud to be supporting the 2009 Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. You can help by either adding your thoughts on this thread, donating an item for the charity auction, bidding on one of the auction items or 'buying' a poppy for your avatar from the Poppy Shop.
Good call, Boss.

As you know, holidays4heroes is going 'quiet' over the Poppy Season to let RBL aspects take front of house.

RBL is the "Big Daddy", whether in UK, Spain or one of the many "Outposts of Empire".

I hope everyone kicks in [as they usually do].

[BTW, did you really type "almost unique" on those other threads? Surely not? :wink: ]
For info,please don't build your hopes up too much if using that abomination called Dii-I tried to make a donation and finished up with 'Time expired' and page errors so gave up-will have to wait until I get home;at least my PC there is moderately reliable and A LOT quicker. :x

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