[2009 RBL Lot 44] Escape from Baghdad / Making a Killing

Hard back copies of Escape from Baghdad and Making a Killing by James Ashcroft. Both books will go as a single lot.

Making a Killing by James Ashcroft

An explosive insider’s account of life as a private contractor in Iraq. In September 2003, James Ashcroft, a former British Infantry captain who served in West Belfast and Bosnia, landed in Iraq as a 'gun for hire'. It was the beginning of an 18-month journey into chaos. In Making a Killing, Ashcroft provides a first-hand view of the secret world of private security where ex-soldiers employed to protect US and British interests can make up to $1000 a day.
But he also reveals a new kind of warfare where the rules are still being written. Although hostilities are officially over, the fighting goes on. Scores of US soldiers are dying every day, Coalition Forces are struggling to defend their own bases, let alone bring order and every insurgent killed only recruits a dozen more to fight Western forces.

‘This diary of death and destruction radiates not just personality, but that elusive, lyrical honesty the existentialists used to call ‘authenticity’’ Daily Telegraph

Escape from Baghdad by James Ashcroft

A call for help means Ash must take a break from chasing pirates in West Africa and return to the chaos of war-torn Baghdad. Abandoned by the occupying Coalition Forces and at the mercy of the Shia-dominated Iraqi police, Sammy and his family face certain death unless Ash and his crack team can get in and quickly rescue them.

Escape from Baghdad is a gripping account of real life and death on the ground in Iraq. From secretly acquiring weapons on the black market, to dodging the fearsome death squads that roam the streets and the suicide bombers that wreak havoc on a daily basis, this is the story of a vulnerable family adrift in the chaos of war, where the only thing that can be relied upon is the bond between former brothers-in-arms.

And this time, these guns-for-hire who come with a hefty price-tag aren’t even being paid. This time, it’s personal.

About the author:

James Ashcroft is a former British Infantry Captain who served in West Belfast and Yugoslavia, and trained with various elite US Army and Marine Units. Since leaving the army James has spent twelve years as a security and risk consultant to multi-national clients and high net worth individuals around the world. He worked as a private security contractor in Iraq from September 2003 to May 2005, and is the author of Making A Killing, 2006.
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