[2009 RBL Lot 43 * 3] Fit to F**k by Ben Shaw (signed)

Three signed copies of the book Fit to F**k. (to buy one with a mil discount see here: http://www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/p=2979734.html#2979734 )

These will be three separate prizes, so the top three win.

At last Ben Shaw is here. Are you “Fit to F**k” ?
This book is written by an unusual man, – sportsman, ex-marine, banker, lothario and male escort. His nickname, “Big Ben”, tells us something about his greatest asset. His title, OVBE (Order of the Very Best Erection) gives us an insight into his success with women. He is a crazy man.
Madeline Cowleigh is an integral part of his life. She’s his shag buddy, friend, the instigator of his development as a paid provider of sexual pleasures. Madeline is the driving force behind his sex business interests, Secretary to Ben Shaw Enterprises Ltd. Best Sex Ever. BSE. “Mad Cow Disease”. Madeline Cowleigh. Get it? Yes. Good.

Madeline is also the Honorary Secretary of that politically incorrect, otherwise entirely male organisation, the IPHC (International Pussy Hunters Club).

The IPHC was founded by Ben and is made up of the BFs (Ben’s Friends). These are a disparate group of guys who met Ben while training at the fitness centre run by their guide and mentor – the Guru of Greyton. Their common interest, a driving obsession, is sex which led Ben to form the IPHC.

The chapters in Sexion One involve Ben in a series of assignations with different ladies, normally for financial reward. Some of the material is sexually very explicit. The second part of each of these chapters stars one of the BFs. All of their stories are true, absolutely true. The changing literary styles reflect the very different personalities of the members of the IPHC. Particularly the dialogue! It’s the way they tell it!! Some of these tales are hilarious, a few are gross, many are scarcely credible.

Sexion Two takes us to and through the Annual General Meeting of the IPHC. Initially the gathering consists of Ben, Madeline and the members. If you would like to get a feel for, an insight into, the different characters – this could be a good place to start. Sexion Two is informative, fun, funny and outrageous. But if you want to get straight to the LSF (Lick, Suck and ****) then start with Libby and crack on through the girls in Sexion One – Chapters 1-12 (excluding Catrina 1).

Section Three. The Guru of Greyton is the man behind this Group. He owns the fitness centre where they trained and got together. It describes in some detail, his experience, his accomplishments, his views on fitness, health, lifestyle practices, the power of the mind, communication and persuasion, plus his philosophy. He is a very unusual person.

Fit to F**k is quite simply a terrific read. It is totally unlike any other book out there. Its primary purpose is to entertain - hugely, amuse, provide an hilarious escape from the grim realities and relentless negativity shrouding so much of our daily lives.

Fit to F**k is a laugh a minute, fun, funny, always fun. There are web-like interlinking themes. Ben Shaw Enterprises - BSE - Madeline Cowleigh is obvious enough. Some connections are more complex, more intellectually demanding – but only if you can be bothered to be challenged. There are poems (well some unforgettable rhymes anyway), acronyms, a little observational competition requiring the identification of a single word hidden in about 120,000 - just a bit of fun. The Meal at the AGM
contains a host of performances from jokes, quotes, poems, stories, admonitions to a posing display, the All Party Parliamentary Sex Awards and the Health and Safety Song.

This book also introduces our unique literary device – the “Fuckometer” which enables the enthusiast to “Fast Forward to Foreplay and Fucking”. This innovation may well not be embraced as the “new norm” in the most erudite literary circles!

But above all, Fit to F**k is a laugh. It’s hysterical. You can dip into it for five minutes or settle down with it for hours. It’s the perfect holiday read, the ideal bedside book, an enlightened birthday gift, the ultimate Christmas present.

Pick it up, put it down,
But don’t leave it lying around where the kids might find it.
Seriously, - don’t!! Keep it to yourself and get your friends to buy their own copies.
You won’t want to let yours go!!

Good luck in your bidding for Fit to F**ck at the ARRSE Online Auction in aid of the Royal British Legion.

Good Luck, Good Health, We Salute You All

Ben Shaw
Brilliant :D

The fact it has been written by a former Booty adds a bit of fire for effect, no doubt with some naked roll mat frollickings and Booties in Webbing making an appearance in one or two chapters?! ...

Nice One 8)


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Let's kick off with a tenner.


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Money received from CardiffStudent - many thanks
I hereby declare CountryGal and Cutaway to be the other two winners.

Can I ask that you visit our BMyCharity Page and pay via there. Once we then get an email from BMyCharity confirming payment, we'll drop you a line asking where you want it sent to and then pass this onto the donor.

Please put your Auction Lot number into the comments part on BMyCharity - this allows us to track things easily!

Any probs please drop us an email
Money received from CountryGal with thanks - check your emails pse

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