[2009 RBL Lot 37] - 1990/1 HMG Promisory Note

"Most ARRSE regulars will be aware that we run an annual charity auction to raise funds for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Over the years this has gone from strength to strength and last year we managed to raise over £6000 pounds which is an incredible testimony to the generosity of you, our members. I'm sure everyone is aware of the excellent work that they do but, if not, then please have a look at the this thread.

This auction is for Her Majesty's Government Promisory note that was issued to certain Aircrew/Special Forces and few of us Eejits in the first Gulf War. It has a serial number (0081) and the Tate & Lyles Crest. It promises £15K Stg if you return the bearer of the note to Saudi Arabia or Neutral Territory or assist him to evade capture.

Take this note to Any British Embassy or Consulate and ask to speak to the Defence Attache or One of his Assistants, He will then give you the sum of £15,000.
It has a Red Seal on it and the reverse is in Arabic Script. Would make a lovely unusual print for the study.

Please note that the auction will start on 1 Nov and run until 1100 on 11 Nov.

Click here for auction rules.

If you have an item that you wish to donate then please Contact Us"
I hereby declare Int Indicates the winner.

Can I ask that you visit our BMyCharity Page and pay via there. Once we then get an email from BMyCharity confirming payment, we'll drop you a line asking where you want it sent to and then pass this onto the donor.

Please put your Auction Lot number into the comments part on BMyCharity - this allows us to track things easily!

Any probs please drop us an email
Money received with thanks - check your inbox for an email from us!

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