[2009 RBL Lot 27] - Either Silver Bar or Solid Silver Zippo

Bad CO

Most ARRSE regulars will be aware that we run an annual charity auction to raise funds for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Over the years this has gone from strength to strength and last year we managed to raise over £6000 pounds which is an incredible testimony to the generosity of you, our members. I'm sure everyone is aware of the excellent work that they do but, if not, then please have a look at the this thread.

BaldricksBullet is a long term supporter/sponsor of the site who runs the online shop 7Six2 which used to specialise in selling the 'bullet with your name on.' Although he now appears to have found that the goth/emo market is more lucrative you can still find the odd AK47 or 7.62 round in his catalogue. As an aside can I recommend his AK47 cufflinks which look most ally with mess kit/black tie.

Anyway he has kindly donated a number of items (again) for the annual RBL Poppy Appeal and this auction is for either a 100g solid silver bar 99.9% pure OR a solid silver Zippo (1941 vintage retro) engraved any way you like, you supply the badge - monogram, text etc... and we'll do the best engraving you've seen. Great idea for a Christening, present or for yourself: (especially the Zippo for a baby - come on... it's going to be a squaddie one day and smoke its lungs out anyway Smile )



Please note that the auction will start on 1 Nov and run until 1100 on 11 Nov.

Click here for auction rules.

If you have an item that you wish to donate then please Contact Us
10 quid
Hi jarrod248... looks like you won... I'm trying to find out what to do now. It seems from one of the stickys that you donate the bish bosh on the link there and say what it is for. In the meantime you can email me... not PM... the email is contact at 7-62 dot com ... let me know what you want, how you want it engraved and where to deliver.

Be good and congrats,- Chris

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