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2008 Volvo V70 Continental Lights

Moving back to BFG soon and will need some lights!
2008 Volvo V70, need the non-xenon ones.
I've trawled e-bay and all the usual places (headlamp shop etc) and they either don't have them or only have the xenon.
If I draw a blank, does anyone know if the motors on non-xenon can be switched over to xenon if I get the xenon set currently on e-bay???

On the assumption that yours is a new shape car,

Your headlights are switchable from under the bonnet, there is a small lever on the back of each lamp unit that flicks the beam pattern from RHD to LHD, should be in your manual if memory serves, if not time to see how knowledgeable your dealer is in afraid


It is indeed a new shape. I was led to believe that only lights with a double arrow on the casing were switchable between LHD and RHD? Mine only has an arrow pointing to the right, showing they're for RHD. Info from a guidance booklet on the BFG site.
Will double check though as could save me a few quid!


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