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[2008 RBL Lot 1] - "A Million Bullets"

Despite the title, ARRSE hasn't moved into the field of international arms dealing but we have got an early entry for this years Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. As regulars on here will know, we hold an annual auction with stuff donated by site sponsors and all the proceeds go the RBL. Over the years this has got bigger and bigger with over 5k raised by your generosity last year.

To start this years proceedings we have SIX signed copies of "A Million Bullets" by James Fergusson.

Douglas Hurd wrote said:
This is the story of the neglected war in Afghanistan. It is told not by a journalist or politician on a quick trip but by the British soldiers and airmen who actually fought there in 2006 and 2007. The lessons drawn by James Fergusson are deeply uncomfortable; but his account cannot be ignored by anyone seriously interested in the future of the British armed forces.
So this is a seriously interesting book which I think everyone on here would probably enjoy. As an added bonus, it would appear that James has conducted some of his research on ARRSE. Top work Stonker!

Bidding will be in increments of £2 starting at a fiver. To bid on a book simply type the book name and the amount you are bidding, i.e

Book 3 -£102 (not a real bid!!!)


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