2008 RBL Auctions

Obviously the 1st of November start does not mean 00.01 :x

Slack, Bad Co we could be up into the high hundreds by the time you have breakfast
Yawn ..... what ..... oh yes, I hereby declare the season to be open!
sorry for the double post - but i didn't know where you would check first 8)

JoseyWales said:
I will offer this:

It will need someone to cut it off the link and re-post. I am not an expert on the pooter.


It is NOT framed, it will be delivered in it's protective roll.


This is what I was talking about. It is a fine print.

But understand, it is unframed.

what happened to this @bad_co?
The ARRSE 2008 RBL Auctions have not finished yet. 8O

Some of them have been extended and now end at 22:00hrs tonight. :D

There are still some great Lots to be bid on. :)

Take a look here:


If you scroll down the thread of your chosen lot, you might see a post by Bad CO saying it's been extended. 8O

It might be your lucky night. :wink:
In the words of Mrs Doyle:

"Go on, go on, go on, go on ........."

I did ...........

......... and that's a first for me!
Ladies, gents, I made a massive hoo ha.

I thought I was bidding for one and not two.

| have coughed 300 and hope you will forgive me.

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