2008 New Years Honours List - RLC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by BaggyInBlack, Dec 29, 2007.

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  1. OBE

    Lt-Col Roy Gordon Beavis The Royal Logistic Corps
    Lt-Col Samuel Piercy Evans The Royal Logistic Corps, Territorial Army

    Maj Tracey Annette Dreelan The Royal Logistic Corps
    WO Class 1 Peter William Dunville The Royal Logistic Corps
    Sgt David Benjamin Humphrey The Royal Logistic Corps
    Maj Rosalind Louise Kearney The Royal Logistic Corps
    Sgt Michael George William Riley The Royal Logistic Corps
    Maj Mark Jonathan Lee Taylor The Royal Logistic Corps
    Maj John Robert Whitfield The Royal Logistic Corps, Territorial Army
    WO Class 1 Kenneth Norman Wilson The Royal Logistic Corps

    Well done to all, especially Mick Riley...well done mucker.
  2. Well done to you all
  3. didn't see your name in there mate 8O
  4. Maybe next year
  5. "serving with 2 CS Regt TLC" A little Tender Loving Care in 2 CS was it then Mick :)
  6. didn't want to mention it....but i spotted that too!!!!
  7. Luckily a little TLC on his "spuds" has kept him here today :D
  8. Big congrats to him!
  9. Agreed, very well done to Mick.

    They obviously didnt tell the Queen that he was a scouser though.
  10. missed this one earlier....

    ....surely you meant services to talking bollox, FP?
  11. is it wrong that his checkem story made me chuckle? He's definately got a way with words. Well done to him!
  12. you won't get many in!!!
  13. Paul thanks for the post mate. The spell error wasn't mine but the person who typed it up.
    besides whats wrong with a little TLC in the unit????

    As for talkin shite...... Who are you by the way????

    not gettin a word in.... who are you too????

    If these two individuals do know me then they know I will take that as a joke from mates.

    If you dont know me however... you are out of order!

    Thanks for all those that have posted their congrats, I am very much humbled by the whole thing and it is still sinking in.

    Kind regards to all

    Mick Riley
  14. Don't forget to put yer bold in...it is still sinking in innit lol :?