2008 MotoGP Thread.

Righty ho.

First race tonight at Qatar under floodlights. Looks spectacular.

James Toseland in his first ever MotoGP race has amazed all by sticking his Tech 3 Yamaha on the front row. Although his bike isn't of the same spec as polesitter Jorge Lorenzo (Lorenzo's bike has pneumatic valves as opposed to JTs conventional springs) he sits ready to mix it with the best in the world.

In the 125 capacity race, Brit Bradley Smith (17) gets his first ever pole. And incredibly, in his first ever race at this level 15 year old Scott Redding of Quedgeley, Gloucs, sits beside him in second place. He becomes the youngest EVER front row qualifier in the history of the sport. He was 15 on the 4th of Jan.

Come on the Brits. The races are on BBCi, BBC3 and Eurosport, this evening.

Here is a pic of he Losail circuit.
I do not think it will be a run away with Rossi and Stoner this year like everyone is predicting!

I still think it was a bad move for Rossi moving tyre manufacturers!!

We shall see!!
Could be a very intresting season and a very intresting start in Qatar under the lights.
Hope JT does well but dont think he will be in the shakeup at the end of the season as i think the Ducs will be way ahead by then.
If Suzuki get it right they will be there or thereabouts near the end but it is a big ask.
Suzuki have had a poor winter.

Tonight won't paint an accurate picture of how the season will pan out. The Stones aren't at their best at low temps and the track temp tonight is expected to be about 13 deg. I think there are a good few of us on here that know and remember how cold it can get in the desert...

The Yamaha riders might have fuel issues tonight, in that they may have to turn the wick down to get to the end.

We shall see...
However, for the first time in many years we have a Brit on a decent bike.
Just a shame Stalker didnt get the same level of support as JT. Now that would have been something.

Chuffed to bits for Bradley Smith, hope that young fella goes from strength to strength.

Beer in hand and Eurosport primed for tonight :D
125's just about to start, some good qaulifying from the brits, 3 in the top 5, lets hope Bradley can really do some thing with his Aprillia.
Scott Redding !! Unbelievable display.

Brads first bike went pop in warm up, and he also had issues with his second bike, coming in 16th. Real shame.

Great ride by Danny Webb to come home 6th.

All in all a satisfactory day for the Brits.
Very bad luck for Bradley, the first few laps looked good, he got a great start. Roll on the big boys, lets see what Toseland can do. I'm a big fan of James so fingers crossed for him.
JT rode superbly, as you could see that his bike was down on top end aling the straight. Beat his teammate, who has been riding that machine for 3 years.

Fantastic start for JT, and the promise of more to come at the tracks that he has ridden at before (Phillip Island springs to mind, as does Laguna)


As previously mentioned, you cannot conclude too much about the whole season from this, rather unique, first race.

I would postulate one statement though - Casey Stoner is still the man to beat.... :wink:
Scott Redding was superb, infact all the Brits done really well. If JT can get consistent top 8 finishes he will have a good first year, does he get the pneumatic valves at any point?

Roll on Brands for the BSB on 4-6 Apr!!
Apparantley get them for the next round in Portugal

Well done again this weekend to JT, and to Brad and Scott in the 125's :clap:

Also double podium in the Red bull rookies (Deane Brown)

Only 5 days to Brands, Come On!!!
Got my ticket for Brands, and it looks like it is going to fcuking snow !

And in case anyone missed it, Chaz won the Daytona 200 !

Back to BSB and I can't see beyond Shakey and Leon Haslam for the title....
Guru, by feck did it snow!!! We gave up at 0930 and only becaue my cousin races 125 and was waiting for the jungle drums to stop.

Have to agree on the BSB, can't see beyond Shakey although really like Camiers style.
Just thought that I'd resurrect this as I had an ace time at Le Mans this weekend. I met up with Bradley Smiths dad and went into the paddock to watch the MotoGP qualifying. It was superb to be right up close to the action.
Some great racing and a career best second place for Brad in the 125's. Rossi was dominant in the GP. He seems to be back to his best. Lorenzo was awesome to grab second with two broken ankles.

The only downside was the 90 Euro fine that I received 20 kms shy of Cherbourg. French cnuts. :)

Sounds like you an awesome weekend you jammy tw@t.... Shame about the fine you received :D

Yes the envy!!!

Rossi looked very dominant, I don't normally praise Pedrosa but wow he was on it for the first few laps. Most aggressive I ever seen him ride.
Guru, you jammy git. Rossi really looks back on it, Bridgestone have obviously got it right for him now. Superb for Brad, a 5 lap club race looked awesome.

Looking forward to Donny this w/end to see the WSS guys in action
The real p1sser is that I won 3 VIP tix for Donington BSB this wochenende, with full paddock access, but can't make it as I have some work on..... I am trying to swap them for the BSB Indy round.

Still, I will be at the Day Of Champions again, and I have got to know Jules Ryder so it should be an ace day. Then a weekend at the Brit GP, with me getting the ferry to Assen the following Wednesday for the TT ! It can be such a tough life sometimes...... :)

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