2008 Final Arms Plot Moves

Discussion in 'REME' started by DEVIANT_ARMOURER, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. So the year is nearly on us where our postings will shortly become few and far between. Where can one's self find out the final layout for the Arms Plot as my posting is up in 08 and i will have to think about where to write my PPP for... Thats if i dont end up on 20 months in Bordon first (see other topics) So if anyone can kindly instruct me on where what units will be where id be muchly preciated guv...

    (for those people who feel the desire to post lame comments, go to the NAAFI Bar and destroy some chav, this is a full on femis query!)
  2. You could try looking on the REME MCM page to see if they have changed to Postings Plot documents, which incidentally only give you figures and not named units.

    Failing that I will speak for Catterick, as I know who is coming / going, and its 4 Armd. 19 Lt Bde is moving N of the Border, 5 Bn is now 19 CSS Bn REME and is moving across to NI.

    If you need more specific names of units ask your superiors to call your desk clerk, or ring yourself if you are a SNCO or above.
  3. The final arms plots mean that inf regiments will cease to move around but their individuals will be posted in and out of their new battalions. REME soldiers will still bounce in and out of all units regardless of regiments staying put.
  4. I know 9/12 are arms plotting soonish, going to Catterick and QRL are moving to Hohne.

    The arms plot is not dead, all that is dead is the constant reroling of infantry from AI to Mech to B type to AI.

    Of course things may have changed since I left......
  5. One way of finding out where a particular unit is situated is to get out the Army telephone directory. It has proved a useful tool when it has come to my postings in the past.
  6. Ah, that explains it then.....Gundog works in Glasgow on the VM's desk!

  7. The trusty telefone log eh Gundog? I forgot bout that avenue! An with regards to attached personnell bouncing, i know this thats why i'm glad i still got the chance get out of Tidders!!! BM i jus bloomin glad he aint on the Armr desk lol.... Out