2008 Champions League Final - Man United v Chelsea

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Taz_786, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Just hours to go!

    Any predictions?

    Who do you neutrals want to win/lose?
  2. mancs, i've been on the pop all afternoon (my excuse anyway)
  4. Roman probably has an ex-Spetnaz chap with a Dragunov up on the stadium roof ready to take out the ball if it's in danger of going past Petr Cech!
  5. Chelsea for me, thanks.
  6. Your team is in Moscow. What the fuck are you doing on an internet forum?

    Why haven't you broken the back of your bank manager and got your ass out to Moscow to support your team? This is the European Cup FINAL for fucks sake.

    They don't come along like buses you know!

    But. There you have it. The Sky generation Football fan. Go and "support" your team from the Armchair in your front room.

    You absolutely sicken me. Biggest club in the world? And the fans are moaning that they can't get rid of the tickets at face in Red Square.

    Bunch of fucking rats. I don't care who wins. Unless its the Russian Riot Police.
  7. Mancs.
  8. As a neutral I'd say Chelsea, only because the little fat fcuking granny shagger gobbed off in the paper this morning.
  9. Oh f*ck off. I'd have given anything to go to Moscow but due to personal circumstances, which I certainly aint going into on here, I'm not able to.

    As for the rest...go take a tablespoon of honey and wash away the bitterness you scouse tw@t.
  10. What, the fact that it's on telly? :D
  11. Hope a Chechen with a dirty bomb wins.
  12. Why should I be bitter? I sold my Ticket / Hotel / Flight package to a manc for twice what I paid for it all. And he was stuck with the cost of changing the names. Having said that I put it together so I could call it my commission.

    My anger Taz arises from the fact that the tickets to the biggest club game in the world are going for less than face because Daytripping whoppers like you can't be arsed.

    I could not give two flying shits about your personal circumstances. My mother could have died yesterday and she would be on ice til friday. I'm quite serious when I say that.

    And now there are reports that your fans are kicking off with the locals. I hope its a sign of things to come.

    Oh and as for the scouse thing - You are damn right I am. Are you from Salford? You fucking whopper.
  13. Fucking hell, you're in a good mood today dear!!!

  14. Now this is the thing....

    They can buy who they want, and call us all they like, but when it comes to having fans with passion, the scum and chavs dont have a clue.
    You only have to watch any final that the chavs are in to see they cant sell their allotment of tickets, but they will all come out the woodwork if they actually win a final.
    The scum lot arent as bad, but they dont come close to proper fans.

    I changed my holiday in 2005 from August to May, the mrs didnt understand until we got there :) ,and paid through the nose to get to Turkey, Then a 13 hour bus trip up to Istanbul, followed by a frantic run around trying to get a couple of spares.
    I got them but it cost me a fortune, BUT, I WAS THERE, and like Heed, i would put personal issues to one side for a trip like that.

    But then Chavski have such amazing European history dont they?

    So Scouse gits or not, im a fan of a football club that knows what History and loyalty are all about, and not there just for the glory and prawn sandwiches. fookin Chav twat...