2008 a year under ZANU Labour

As the year draws to a close I thought I'd reflect on the past year and then list all the ways that ZANU Labour have enhanced my life and changed things for the good and benefit of the UK.

So here is my list:

1. Er....
2. Thats it

Nothing on the list because of course the cocksucking, wank, snotgobbling fucksticks have done fuckall except line their own nests and stick their snouts in further in the trough. The PM and his MP's are a bunch of inept, useless, corrupt commie bastards. I hope in 2009 that Gordon Brown, all the Labour MP's, all the members of the Labour Party and all those fucking wankers who vote Labour die slowly. You cunting stupid, retarded bunch of idle anti British cunts.
FFS say it like it is............. :D

You are right but who can the people vote for who don't just line their own pockets :? ............ we are fcked :roll:
El Gordo is just holding back his awesome powers to save the world until we learn to love and adore Zanu.

Only then will his stasi lead us to, "Arbeit Macht Frie".

that is of course once the thought police have ensured we drive safely, don't look at inappropriate material on line, or even think to, that includes donkey porn bondage weekly, as well as both the daily vile, gaurdianista or even the torygraph and that we have all dutifully dug for victory informing the local authority's of any neighbour not spending or digging enthusiastically enough as its our patriotic duty to the dear leader.

May i just close by saying that i hope the One eyed retardedfcukmonkey and Cnut of the highest order is found hanging feet up from a lampost in the mall while i look admiringly at the cordage and knots used.
At least Blair conned us into thinking everything was OK. Brown can't even do that properly !!

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