2008 - a very special year

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Gin really does have a nice flavour....

Excuses out of the way, down to the subject matter.

2008 is a very special year for Puttees.

1. It's the TA Centenary.

2. It's Puttees' half centenary (07:30 today to be precise).

3. It's Puttees' third-century in the TA.

4. It's near as damn it Puttees' diamond jubilee as a sapper (actually 26 years)

5. It's Puttees' son's 21st later this year.

6. It's Puttees's daughter's 18th later this year.

Regrets? There are a few.

1. It's the first year in my entire TA career that I haven't attended every weekend available.

2. It's the first year in my entire TA career that I haven't attended every weekend available.

3 It's the first year in my entire TA career that I haven't attended every weekend available.

4. I admit to starting to feel very old - yet I'm still the youngest of my peers. If only I had a Padre...

1, 2 and 3 may not seem significant, but in the past, I've been sent to far-away exotic places (Hong Kong, Beijing, Ascension, Barcelona) and still found a way to get back for weekends. I admit to feeling guilty. I should have tried harder.

What has been good in those years?

1. 1st Battalion, The Yorkshire Volunteers - you really learn comradeship in the Infantry. Thanks to everybody. I'll also thank The Green Howards.

2. The Royal Engineers. Specialist Teams particularly, both TA and Regular. It's a very different facet of the Army. Very clever people who provide the ability for others to perform. Cheers lad (and lasses)!

3. ARRSE. You've brought together old friends and memories. Irreverent and controversial, you epitomise the soldier. Thank you.

Happy 2008, everyone.


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Happy Birthday you old bugger :D
suits_U said:
You've been in the TA 300 years 8O

Puttes drunkenly wrote
3. It's Puttees' third-century in the TA.
Puttees, even through the fog of gin, remembered to include a hyphen. :)

So many places to re-visit. Ascension (sorted), FI, HK, Berlin, Gib, numerous places in Germany. All with special memories. So little time to do it. :(

Oh dear, now getting depressed. It's like New Year.
Dry yer eyes mate :D

Poor attempt at a wah but ho hum.
Happy birthday and all that, may you fullfill all you want to as your life enters its own sunset :D
Many happies. May you remember everything that you did under the influence of gin.

What can I say, I'm an evil bugger...
REgards to you & yours.
Happy Birthday Puttees.

Now do the decent thing and go and start smelling faintly of Piss somewhere.

You are now required to smoke St Bruno in a Pipe and have a constant supply of Werthers Originals.

Its the law.
Bloody hell Puttees - I can remember you joining.

About that reunion - just send daughter instead.

Happy Birthday.
Many Happy,s old chap, "Cheer,s"


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You young whippersnapper! Happy birthday. Want my old commode and pipe?
Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Gin must be good. It took you 3 months and 13 days to get your thoughts on 2008 posted. I'll be cracking a bottle open tonight to sample the benefits. See you in three or four months!
Many thanks to all who have responded.

As it's getting to the end of the day and nothing much else can go wrong, I'll give you a snapshot of my big day.

Went to work as usual and, as usual, everything went wrong. Overcame the problems and still managed to get home early.

At 9pm, I got a phone call from my daughter. She'd just crashed her car (passed test and bought car three weeks ago). She was calling just as her passengers were putting the car the right way up. OUCH!

Fortunately, no injuries. (Also fortunately, I hadn't had a drink by this time).

I went out to pick her up and see what could be done with the car. It turns out that she'd skidded while slowing for a corner on a country road, bounced over the verge and (in her words) the car rolled over and over. The occupants got out via the driver's side doors which were now on the sky side of the car.

I've looked at the place by torchlight and am amazed that ANYBODY got out alive. Beyond the verge is a 6' drop, at the bottom of which is a timber-lined ditch. Further on is a rough stubble field. The car evidently was airborne for at least 20'.

If the survival of the occupants wasn't amazing enough, there's also the condition of the car. Admittedly, it was dark, so there may be more damage, but the only damage readily visible was a small dent on one of the rear doors and a broken windscreen. I suspect that the body may be a little bit twisted as the sunroof doesn't quite seat correctly. Of course, there may be a mass of damage to the underside, but until I can get the car out of the field, there's no chance of looking. (The car clearly HADN'T rolled over - just onto one side).

Now that Miss Puttees has been recovering for an hour at home with no sign of ill effects, I need to consider how to recover the car. It can't go back the way it came. A tank would struggle. There's a narrow path in the stubble field, but it has been blocked by a mound of earth. On the opposite side of the stubble field is a recently ploughed field. A tractor tow seems the only option, though I suspect that this could result in a lot of damage.

I don't suppose anybody has the string-pulling ability to divert a Chinook to Luton Airport for half an hour or so? No? Well, it was worth asking.

Hello bottle. There's still 10 minutes of the day left...

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