2007 Poppy Appeal launch

The Royal British Legion's 2007 Poppy Appeal was launched at Bruntingthorpe today, with an up and coming singer - Tori White - flying in on the BBMF Dakota and singing her new single 'Please Remember' in front of Vulcan XH558. Proceeds from her single are being donated to the Legion's Poppy Appeal.

The song can be downloaded here (for a paltry 79 pence, 50 pence of which goes direct to the Poppy Appeal funds) and Tori has a Myspace site here.

Some pics from today... pity you can't hear her, but that's easily solved - get yer money out!

From what they were saying today seems like they'd quite like Tori to become the next 'forces sweetheart'... seems like a nice girl anyway :wink:

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