2007: New Years Honours for RLC personnel

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Active_Edge_841, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. I'm suprised this hasn't been put on before now. 8O

    Come on, lets be proud of our Corps achievements!!

    2007: New Years Honours for RLC personnel


    As Members

    Sergeant John Edward COLLIS
    The Royal Logistic Corps (Volunteers) Territorial Army

    Warrant Officer Class 1 Mark Nicholas COWLING
    The Royal Logistic Corps

    Major Michael John PETHER
    The Royal Logistic Corps (Volunteers) Territorial Army

    Lieutenant Colonel Gerald Frederick PETTET
    The Royal Logistic Corps

    Captain Richard Keith RIMMINGTON
    The Royal Logistic Corps

    Staff Sergeant Julian Walter THOMPSON
    The Royal Logistic Corps


    Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Frank HALUS
    The Royal Logistic Corps (Volunteers) Territorial Army

  2. Well done Rim. Crackin' news.
  3. AE - Do you have a link to the honours?
  4. Out of interest what qualifies someone for a military MBE? My grandfather had one, are they issued for essential home service type things or fund raising and the like?
  5. You get an MBE because someone takes the time and trouble to sit down and write out the commendation (I think it was on a Form/Hons/10 or suchlike). In fact the RAOC were rather bad at the practice and a lot of our ones in early NI days came from Teeth Arm types e.g Bde Comds etc who really appreciated and understood what we did both on the streets and in HQ's. Cannot comment on RLC as have no recent experience.

    And (sorry bad SD) before anybody gets on their high horse I can tell you a very senior, highly decorated Officer I knew was told by AG 9 it was time to get back to some real soldiering (BAOR!) instead of NI.

    The Gallantry MBE disapeared in the early Seventies to be replaced by the QGM.

    I don't know what age your Grandfather would be now but I would bet my boots that he earned his MBE. It has to be approved by a whole list of people in the Chain of Command and there were a lot more bods in the Services in those days than there are today.
  6. All good news! In particular, well done Col Gerry and Rim.
  7. Indeed. I served with Lt Col Pettet on Granby when he was a captain. A totally decent chap. Well done to him.
  8. He pegged out in 1975 aged 72 after doing 34 years in the Grenadier Guards, he also had a MSM which I believe are a bit hard to come by, I did write to Horse Guards for his records a couple of years back but they replied and said due to the length of his service is wasnt practical to copy them, however the captain (rtd) who replied added a hand written note to the bottom of the letter telling me he knew my grandfather very well personally and would be glad to help me out if I went along to view the records, to think he still remembered him more than 15 years after he died and probably about 40+ years since he had left the army he must of been a character! I really should make a effort to get there, I was only 3 when he died and would love to find out more about him. cheers for the reply.
  9. Well done the RLC, congratulations to those that have been recognised for their efforts.

    For BRL, get off your arse and take up the gentlemans offer, it is very kind of him to make it and by the tone of your message if you don't you will just regret it even more.
  10. BRL, your Grandpa sounds like a helluva guy and I am with Obesa on this one. Go and check up - you might be surprised at some of the things you find on his record. From my RMAS days I can tell you the Grenadiers took being Soldiers of the Monarch 'kin seriously. I bet he jailed more people than the Bloody Azizes!

    When you do, post a reply - I bet you get a bad attack of Hay Fever when you look at his record!!!!!! Best of luck.