2007 MTD allocaction

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. Uncapped

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  2. Bare minimum for passing matts and bounty qual

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  3. Less than total number of days I did last year

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  4. More than the number of days I did last year

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  5. Less than I need to do my job

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  6. Other , please specify

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  1. Please fill in the poll and comment if you like
  2. I was aware of a particular unit that was limited to 27 days training in the year for officers, and only slightly more for ORs.

    It was because the officers held a 'Combat Ready' status and were costing a lot of money.
  3. Offically, it's a grey area! Supposedly capped at 32 days per man, with only one camp or course allowed. However, the CO has said this will not affect us. It has been pointed out that we are budgeted for 32 days per man, regardless of the fact that people disappear, don't turn up for months, go on tour, only do 1 weekend a month. Which means there will be days unspent.

    The most obivous sign is that we appear to be down to 3 weekends in 2 months. Not good but not totally crap....
  4. Everyone is flapping about this at the moment, as they always are in the new trg year. come september it will have all died down back to normal and they will be flapping next march when they realise they havent spent as much as they hoped.
  5. 12 Sig Group is caped whereas units of 2 (NC) Signal Bde isn't (because of the role it has)
  6. 2 Sig Bde seems more bothered about the travel budget...
  7. Apparently, due to JPA, this year it will actually be enforced as a bare minimum in our unit.
  8. Just like MATTS was sposed to make us all super soldiers (though it did get rid of a few hangers on) :lol:

    Reality and what the army says are often different.
  9. 32 in theory, however I've already done those 32 this year, so er..?
  10. just done northern bluebell,and was talking with other units from across the north of england and scotland.all seem to be capped at between 27 and 32 days for this trg year,but ours are also capped(but only after this weekend,and i've already done half of 32).we have people that dont attend for whatever reason,and cant be got rid of,due to j.p.a.,so why cant we use their m.t.d.'s.all seems a little bone to me,but just have to live with it so far,until we have had annual camp(canada),then they will revue the situation.i'm an enabler,so i may not be able to wait that long,what will happen then?will they stop all trade training,watch out.
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    has a point there we have been told if its nothing to do with trade then you probably wont get to do it

    but the army as bought in a new T&S (travel & Subsidance) rules thats means travel as to be signed of at unit & then forwarded to land to be signed of by a general down at land.

    i have the right up on all the info for this but providing units can justify it land are ok with it.

  12. 'subsidance'?

    Crivens, we're doing home insurance now as well as subsistence! - and I thought we were broke.
  13. If anyone is concerned that they won't get enough MTDs this year, one suggestion might be to transfer to some place where MTDs aren't capped.
    RTC Phase 1 Trg for instance. Just a thought!
  14. Yours might not be but ours is, they're capped at our minimum amout of days, 80, as has been stated earlier come September,or sooner when no recriuts can be trained......
  15. Not us! or at least, oh bugger bet check!