2007 G10 Mechanical reduced by £25

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MilitaryWatches, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. The new model G10 mechanical watch with handwound movement designed for environments where a quartz watch cannot be worn has been reduced from £94.99 to £69.99 so if you are thinking of ordering one via the ARRSE discount page please go to the main site instead as for now its a bigger saving (until I can alter the ARRSE page)

  2. Admittedly your spam... sorry i mean "post" doesn't claim that the watch is 'issue' but...

    ....were MWC ever 'G10 issue'...?

    I always thought the contract was with CWC and then went to Pulsar?
  3. To be fair, neither the post or website appears to actually claim that this is issue kit. Furthermore, they are ARRSE sponsors and support a wide range of service charities. So, spam away, friend; spam away.
  4. What makes you claim a post from a site sponsor is spam? mong.
  5. Guys, many thanks for coming to our defence.

    HVM_boy we have sponsored ARRSE since near the start and pay every month so you can come and use ARRSE for free. For the past 2 years (and probably this year when we are asked) we have provided watches as prizes for the ARRSE Royal British Legion auction.

    On our website you will also see links to ALL 3 forces charities as well as the Royal British Legion. They are full size banners and are not hidden away on a links page somewhere but are displayed on our front page.

    If you look at our delivery page you will also see that in no uncertain terms we lay out for our civvy customers that Herrick and Telic get first call on all our stock and are given priority, followed by other BFPO and UK based military. We know which of our customers are the most important to us and we try and support you.

    OOPs, I forgot to mention about the watch. I have not claimed it is an issue watch because it was not made for the British military but it was made for a specific contract that required a watch that would not set off any loud bangs due to a battery quartz movement. As for CWC and Pulsar being the only contract watches, this is not true as MWC, Seiko, NITE and Traser have all supplied watches to specialist units. 22 SAS getting 300 NITE MX10's which I think went in file 13 and that is why we have discontinued promoting them. Just because an item doesn't pop up on your QM's shelf doesn't mean it hasn't been bought in. mmmm or perhaps I was imagining the watches we supplied for the team going out to the last SF exhibition in Jordan :D
  6. Good on yer milwatches
  7. Sorry guys, my post wasnt intended as an attack on the company, or your loyalty to our forces, although my "spam" comment could probably be taken as jibe at you. I only saw that you were a site sponsor after posting, so I am truly a mong in the traditional meaning of the word.

    Please accept my unreserved apologies, and thank you for your continued support of our forces and Arrse.

    And if you check my post I acknowledged that the original post does not claim that the MWC watch is 'issue'... but I would still like to know... are or have MWC watches ever been G10 issue?
  8. Apology accepted - no problem :D

    MWC supplied to units in BAOR on contract and to the Gurkha's These are documented in the leading reference work on Military watch history. It was CWC who tried to perpetuate the rumour that they were the only supplier - good old Silvermans (I mean CWC)

    In the past year MWC swapped a load of CWC's with plastic faces for the MWC G10 with glass face on behalf of a unit deployed in Iraq. MWC then sold these on through their website which went down like a lead balloon with CWC.

    Don't get me wrong, the CWC is a fine watch and I would sell them if Silvermans would allow dealers other than themselves to supply new ones. The main bug bear I have is the price on CWC's as I know the £89 retail price does not reflect in anyway their actual cost or the cost to MOD on contact. MWC are more realistic in their pricing.
  9. I bought a watch from MWC and I'm happy as Larry with it, though I've never met Larry I just assume he's happy.
  10. I bumped into Larry, he's happy and sends best wishes.
  11. Ive got one of your watches too and its great, people are always commenting on it too.
  12. Cheers guys much appreciated.
  13. Since you guys have been so nice, for the next 10 orders for any watch over £100 that mentions ARSSE in the customer comments line I will put a free bug/cctv detector in with their order. We are selling these for £19.99 on the site. But remember - you must put ARRSE in the customer comments line when checking out via Cybershop and Worldpay.

    Thanks again for your support.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Have you tested your site with Firefox?

    And please can you add a "Hide 'out of stock' items" option on your website?

  15. I picked one up too when I joined the TA. I ended up getting a CWC G10 at a car boot sale for £25 a week later.
    I prefer the glass on the MWC and have since sold the CWC.

    But the big question is when are you going to get the mechanical W10 back in stock?