2007 Armistice Day Auction for the RBL - Donate a Prize

Please email admin@arrse.co.uk if you would like to donate a prize. These should be new, of at least �10 normal value please. I will promote the prizes with a link to the donators website if a business both in threads in here and in a separate page nearer to the time, so there will be advertising benefit to donating.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to watching the money flow in!
What kind of items can you donate GCO?
Anything you think will help raise some money although preferably with my guidelines above. I have a couple of author's signed books inbound and a photographer who helped us last year has offered some framed prints for example. I'll post these in the preview thread once I have the full details. (Thanks if your're reading this!)
That said RTFQ sold his DPM Thong last year, so maybe I'm beaing a bit sensible about all this. I leave it to you. Whatever you reckon will raise a decent amount. I hope the more outlandish ones will start rolling in as we get nearer to the day.
Anyone interested in a custom made (not too well made I grant you) corset?
normal value around £150, not part of a business, just something i can do (just don't ask about how or why I started this ok?)

Probably a bit outlandish this one (bloody expensive anyway 8) ) but just an idea for future reference and I'm wondering if a U.K. Whisky Distillery does the same - anyone?

Okay my point:

I visited the Jack Daniel's Distillery at Lynchburg back in 2004 with several other lads who were working at Fort Campbell, Tennessee/Kentucky (a couple of whom are also avid ARRSE'rs). A really bizarre place considering it has 70 warehouses (spread out over the surrounding hillside each holding a million barrels!!! they were spread out like this after their entire stock was burnt down many years ago) you cannot sample one drop of the stuff as the County of Lynchburg is a "DRY COUNTY"!!!!!

Any individual/organisation can purchase their own Barrel, you get the barrel with a brass plaque on plus the 240 ish bottles of personalised Single Barrel bottles, I'm almost 100% you can get your own Logo etc. placed on the bottles, imagine your very own bottle of ARRSE (J.Daniels Single Barrel) :wink:

Be warned the Armchair Jihad's out there that even for the likes of you this is fairly expensive!

Pics of some privately bought Barrels below:

I'm on my tod at the moment so lack of time stops me chasing wierd (although very interesting) prizes Gundulph sorry - except for some begging emails I've sent I have to stick to the tactic of waiting for prizes to come to us.
A bit late in the day I know but Ive just got hold of a RBL & a Support Our Troops Pin from Lord Mayors Show, Picture Uploaded just waiting approval

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