2006 Royal British Legion Charity Appeal - Uniform Dating

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by Bad CO, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    This is the next item from our 2006 Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. All money received from these auctions will go directly to the RBL. Last year we raised over £1000 and we're trying to make a substantial improvement on that this year.

    The auction will run until 1100hrs on November 11th and is for a years membership of Uniform Dating.
    Uniform dating is an online dating for military singles, uniformed and emergency services or those seeking a date in uniform. Uniform Dating brings together those working in professions such as the armed forces, police, law enforcement, health, medical, ambulance, prison, corrections and fire fighters, for friendship, love and romance.

    Feel free to bid for yourself or 'your friend.' Either bid on here using your login or send me a Private Message/email and I'll enter an anonymous bid.

    Remember that this is in an excellent cause ......
  2. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Come on - someone out there must fancy this?
  3. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    How about a locked sticky on the lonely hearts forum for this BCO?

    I doubt you get any open forum offers though ;) so keep bumping up
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    double post biffing
  5. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I've had an offer of £30 for this .......
  6. I will offer some Slug loving. I will allow you to clean my house, nekked.

    No-one is coughing for the Bikini Shots. Tight gits.
  7. I bid 1p to clean Dales house naked
  8. 20 shiney pee, and a note from the wife will suffice.
  9. I got a bag of 20ps and working on the wife's signature

  10. really? well you have now - 31 quid
  11. bump - I know most of you are on the road to divorce, remember hope is not a plan, this could be your next move forward
  12. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Thank you very much to everyone who took part but I hereby declare Armchair_Jihad the winner of this auction. Thanks a lot for your extremely generous bid, I'd be grateful if you could drop us a line at charity@arrse.co.uk. We'd prefer payment by paypal (charity@arrse.co.uk) but can also take direct bank transfer.