2006 Mk2 Modified Arctic Smock Woodland DP

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mad4thcef, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    Wanting to know more details of the above mentioned Smock.

    As listed with Strikeforce Supplies

    Does this Smock require water proofing or is a nylon polyester blend?

    Can the hood be stored when not in use?

    What is it used in conjunction with ? i.e. does require a liner like softie?

    Temperature Rating

    Advantages /Disadvantages IYHO!

    Thanx in Advance
  2. Hello,

    FYI I have em him but didn't reply to em but I am trying to get an outside opinions . I also em him today regarding availibilty of my size req'd.

    I have severeal british smocks including gortex parka however what I am finding with this eqpt is there seems to be a coat for every season.

    I live in Canada minus 31 Celsius this Jan 09. I want something that provides layering other than gortex. Something with zipps to dump heat when req'd. This Parka has that feature.

    I like the fleece pocket system and mesh pocket system on the above mentioned.

    I have an CF Extreme Cold Parka dated 1984 but there are better systems out there including gortex.

    Jasper is great to deal with for sure!

    Thanx in advance

  3. The smock, like all(?) of our new smocks , is poly/cotton. Needs waterproofing as the proofing goes after a few washes.

    -31 C? Er, not quite so extreme where I have used it but for an outer layer over a warmlayer? Why not? Great piece of kit.
  4. if you wash it in Nikwax Tech Wash it wont have that effect.
  5. its a windproof not a waterproof with a bit of proofing might be shower proof but thats it.