2006 Busy Year for the Army

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Iceberg, Feb 11, 2005.

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  1. Have been told 2006 will be a very period - with ARRC & Afghanistan mentioned a lot. So likelyhood of mobilisation to be a lot higher than this year (we've not had any called up for the latest Telic - are they saving us for next year?)

    Was also told to volunteer for a certain position(s) - so I won't called up for a job I may not like.

    Anyone heard anymore?
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    All Telic 1,2,3 'mobilisees' should be available for '06, and it's certainly the year we're training towards - no secrets about it. We will probably be looking towards Afghanistan by them, rather than Iraq. Still, another medal. Mind you, I'm still owed medals for Telic, etc., etc.....

    Also, for the TA mobilistions in '06 will be a crunch point - plenty of my Troops who stayed on after Telic 1/2 had to be talked into it - how many will leave when warned off for Fingal 15 or whatever it will be called?

    Finally, if the Government/MoD know now that there is to be a requirement in '06, why not start sorting out Regular deployments to allow for it? Or could it be that there aren't enough to go around? I can see the RFA being severely mis-used again, and a good few employer appeals going in.
  3. Dont forget Iran :wink: :twisted:
  4. I think ARRC's move to the area has been planned for a while, its been mentioned on here before.

    Doesn't ARRC need two Signal Regiments to support it? So my chances of getting a brown envelope within a year are about 95-100%
  5. I guess Trident could be an option.....
  6. Failing that, if Iran kicks off we'll have to recruit a Women's Battalion of Death (as in the Russian revolution), they'll make Anne Robinson the colonel.
  7. and North Korea
  8. are metpol that hard up?
  9. I was thinking in terms of the instant sunshine delivery platform.
  10. bet they'd still fail to hit Osama
  11. Yeah but it would be pretty. There's probably some spare polaris knocking around here somewhere too.

    Seriously next year is going to be busy what with 'peace' keeping in Iraq, Afghanistan, tensions in Asia.. Heck all we need now is the IRA to start kicking off big time..,. again. Guess it will keepus in the job, except for those 20000 they're kicking out... :roll:
  12. Which 20 000?
  13. Correct me if im wrong, does ARRC involve myself and my maroon lidded friends? If so i guess im packing.
  14. Just a guess but I'm thinking it will ARRC HQ only