2003 Landrover Freelander

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Devil_Dog, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Inspired by the Audi A3 post:

    One of me neighbors is putting up her '03 Freelander on the market for $12000. I don't know how that compares to the prices on the other side of the pond but my interest in the machine has been more than slightly aroused.

    Are these cars any good? What are their good points? And what are the bad points?

    Did I also mention that the seller is cute, 40ish and not averse to dropping the Feck-word when it suits her fancy?

    Me suspects that if I get the car in me garage, I can get her in me bed (which coincidentially, I have been known to refer to as the land of the free!)
  2. In other words $12,000 for a spot of rumpy pumpy. Sounds a tad expensive to me. A car is merely a way of getting from A to B in varying degrees of comfort. You have to love the name Freelander, heap of shite!
  3. So no?

    I need an answer fast. She is coming down to me place after her shift.
  4. The main point about these seems to be if it's a diesel (BMW engine) buy it. If it's petrol, steer clear. This was the advice I was given when looking to buy a 4x4 and considering the Freelander.
  5. It is petrol. Jut got done perusing a consumer review website. Said service on the car would be a major drawback here.

    So, just bed the chick and move on? Seems like the best alternative.
  6. Sounds like the best plan :twisted:
  7. 8) Freelanders are toys not good, 8) 8)
  8. petrol freelanders before 2005 has a tendency to warp the cylinder head (from experience) and then they are very very expensive to get fixed.

    stay clear, stay very clear.
  9. If it has the K series engine, no barge pole is long enough.

    Do yourself a favour and get something else.
  10. Bought one over here about two years ago, always thought they were the business, Mrs hated it but......

    It was the worst car I've ever had - and needless to say I've not heard the end of it! What's worse is I sold it to a bloke who lives round the corner, so I regularly duck when I see him coming round the corner!

    To be fair, I think we may have been jinxed. It was a 2001 model and broke down on the way home from the show room!! A number of things went wrong - engine stuff (I don't know the details, I'm a bird when it comes to cars!), the rear window got stuck down, oh, just before a fecking big thunder storm! The aircon packed in, the wheels constantly needed rebalancing and it seemed to drink fuel (bloody diesel mind you) quicker than Pat Butcher knocks back the vodka tonics.

    Would never touch another one - sad really as I'm always gobbing off about British cars over here! I'll stick with my trusty MG Midget, she never goes down on me!
  11. Mate, those Landies are bloody awful. Give me a while and I'll dig out the common faults for you, of which there are many!

    And for the ump-fcukin-teenth time, there's nowt wrong with K series engines if they've been looked after. Just like, erm, any other engine.
  12. Ok, here goes with the common faults on the Freelander:

    Hill Descent control AND ABS
    Air Con leaks
    Boot leaks top and bottom
    Rear door windows falls inside door
    Cracks in rear subframe (my mate's did this, makes a knocking sound when cornering)
    Jammed Sunroof
    Twisted bodyshell can occur if driven hard offroad
    Alloy wheels can jam on hubs
    Prop shaft centre bearings
    rear wheel bearings
    Duff ignition coils
    Heater matrix issues (common)
    Cracked transfer box brackets cause vibration

    That's all I can remember at the mo.

    So, for the love of God, don't!
  13. I have had three all told and NEVER had an issue with any of them!

    Off road, on road no issues. Ok so it's not a defender (god's own car) but as a bit of kit it's what it is, entry level of the best!

    Oh and they can pull!
    it's a bit embarrasing when you have to ring your mrs's at 3 in the morn to pull you out of a ditch ( in a Vivaro van fully loaded 'bout 3 tonnes) and she drags it down the road, diagonally, brakes applied!