Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by stabradop, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. Hi all

    This is for any and all 2000AD fans out there. 2000AD has been going since 1977 and I started to be an avid collector since 1981 (I was 6 that year) until about 1989 or so.

    Feel free to post anything you like such as your favourite characters, storylines, one-offs etc.

    Personally my fave characters were Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Strontium Dog and Nemesis the Warlock. Also loved Bad Company.

    If this thread really takes off and there are a lot of different posts/posters then I might ask the CO's if this could be a separate forum so as not to annoy the non-geeky :lol: users of the books and literature forum.

    (am a geek)
  2. Not seen that one, love to see a decent movie made of Rogue Trooper or SD tho
  3. the Rogue Trooper revamp they made 'Friday' has long been talked of getting made into a movie.

    SD is just begging to get made into a mega special effects blockbuster.
  4. Must admit I preferred the original Rogue, although I haven't read much of Friday. You are right about SD though, could even be a series like the new Terminator thingy

  5. Rogue trooper was my favourite I even enjoyed the game eidos made.

    Splundig vur Thrigg
  6. Good man butler

    When I was about 7 my mum got me a signed photo of Tharg. I still have it somewhere, just cant remember where :-(
  7. Cant remember if this was 2000AD? but it was about some sort of game played around rundown housing, sort of football with weapons?? Was good, that and VC warriors.

    Mispent Toc H time.

    There is a site with some old comics scanned onto them, one about the Brits in Burma, al'la dirty dozen style
  8. The Rat Pack I think
  9. ahh. 'Darkies Mob' an absolute classic from battle comix, very 'pre PC' :wink:

    here in all its glory. http://fanboy.frothersunite.com/DarkiesMob_Intro.html
  10. Thats it,liked the old battle mag,you wouldnt be allowed today to show the comics today, used to like Charleys war to, had the proper books till a few years ago.
  11. I started reading 2000AD in 1979 when training in Norwich, the corner shop had back issues going backat least a year, I stopped about 3 years back.

    For myself Judge Dredd was tops followed by Sinister and Dexter.

    There was also an early Flash Gordon type parody where the space ships were held up by wire etc, can't remember the name but it was damn funny.
  12. Judge Dredd was always my favourite. 8)

    Runners up include Slaine(before it got too New Age), Sinister-Dexter, MACH 1(the Bionic Man, but with more attitude)Harlem Heros and many others. :)

    I've heard of Button Man movie as well. Hope they do it justice...we all remember what happend with the Judge Dredd movie. 8O
  13. Jesus!!! I should be ashamed of myself, being an Irishman and forgetting about Slaine!

    I will now fall on my sword......

    (note to self: buy sword to fall on tomorrow)

  14. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    I had the very 1st issue (by God i wish i had it now!!!!), I belive it had a spud gun or similar plastic offering on it (the memory fades in and out). Rogue is top man but loved Slaine in the later editions. I used to buy it from the Toc H in Paderborn in 88 before getting my hair cut by the delicious Joanne. Bugger now thats got me started on a completely different thread!