2000 words on this bad boy?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Irish_Cream, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. Is there need for the RA TA to reorganise and adapt to maximise its utility beyond 2015?

  2. Yes. See the QOY for an example of a unit that was in danger of being left behind revamp itself to stay current.

    Maybe convert some light gun units to Eye's in the Sky?
  3. They must be doing ok as there were about 15 or 20 mobilised at chilwell for scimitar drivers and gunners.
  4. Really? I was under the impression that because of the zero demand for their trade, they'd re-roled to the big towery thing.
  5. The RA TA has already undergone transformation to make it more usable, hence the swap from HVM to Lt Gun in 2 of the Regiments a few years back. Is there more room to change ? Yes of course there is and if rumours (being rumours) are true then there will be more changes afoot.

    Saying swap Lt Gun to UAV is a fine idea in principle, but pointless if not backed up with equipment and support, obviously you can change both disciplines in that statement to suit (AD to UAV, Lt Gun to WLR, MLRS to FST etc) if of course that is main vacuum in op requirements, what is needed , and I assume has already been undertaken for the review (he hopes) where the shortfall was.

    The one area I pray is being addressed is the ludicrous position we are in in having a 2 tiered comms structure, the lack of Bowman impacts both operational viability of a Gunner(v) as comms is a trade requirement to finish Phase 2 training and advancement of the individual soldier. I currently can't progress my Gunners as there is no relevant courses for them beyond Comms RA as all the other courses don't have Clansman equivalents.
  6. Mabey, but I was on the coach with about 5 of them to germany and the QDG have taken them on for the scimitar and the rest when to QRH as infantry attachmets for compoud clearance
  7. Just for compound clearance? Sounds like a role that 5A and Hector_Chavez_V would approve of...
  8. Borrow off RSigs or ask them to train with you? My old Sqn were co-located with 269 and it narked me we had Ptarmigan SCRA(C) and limited SCRA(T) - and the RArty had SCRA(T) and extra bits but no network.

    Same is happening now, Sigs going around with a decent amount of BOWMAN but just doing radio checks (I don't mean CLANSMAN equivalents - they have the data elements lying dormant in their trucks)

    It's good to talk?
  9. Understand what you are saying polar, but the beg, borrow and steal policy is not the way ahead and still doesn't help the course structure as TDTRA won't budge till units are equipped
  10. Is that still post Herrick?
  11. Nope, the big towery thing has been returned to the RA and we're now supplying folks for a variety of roles including CVRT crew (but not commanders).
  12. Fair enough, met some good QOY lads in theatre. Especially one very, very lucky bugger!
  13. Ah yes, another success for inter-capbadge rivalry in the British Army...what a feckin' waste of time, resources and motivation that little battle was!
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  14. Heaven forbid that when we get the rest of the data bits that we'll actually get trained to use it!

  15. Erm, lucky as in: 'in the right place at the right time' or 'not in the wrong place at the wrong time'?