2000 Quid Bonus for Iraq and Afghan Soldiers

Because of course it wasnt any less dangerous in April Last Year or more so April 2004!
I think the lads from 1 PWRR will beg to differ on that one!
IMHO i think it should be from the start of Combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
[align=center]all i can say is its long awaited, shame it wasnt the gov's idea, but because of increasing pressure by the media![/align]
So this won't affect some of our LCpl/Pte's on Tax Credits and put them above the level to recieve benefits then?

HMMMMM raises a sceptical eye and awaits the announcement that R&R flights will now cost £2,300!!

Can someone nip onto JPA and make sure my other half doesn't spend it before it before it goes home!
Hmmmmm, knee jerk reaction from T.Bliar because Cameron wants people on ops not to pay tax. I can't believe Bliar would be so deluded as to believe that Forces pers would vote for new liarbour cos of this. Then again maybe he would.
I'm glad that the lads and lasses may have gained something from Bliar & co.
not saying any more in case I get quoted by BBC Lurker............

However if I left these shores for six months as a pop star and didn't have to pay taxes would there be this much fuss??
At least it's not being taxed. For those of us "lucky" enough to be on over £30000pa (all WOs, most SSgts and half of Sgts), things like the LSSA(AT) bonus rapidly disappear bak into Gordon's pocket before we've got it. Of my last £1250 bonus I got £667.50 by the time Gordon had taken 40% tax and 11% NI.

Fortunately I'm in my last 3 months and on gardening leave so unless TB decideds to have a pop at Iran or Korea in the next three months, for me the question is accademic, but I still support our guys outhere fighting an illegal war.

How about TBliar makes his next policy announcement from outside Selly Oak hospital having just visited the wounded? he likes visiting scools and hospitals so why not Selly Oak or Headley Court?
you deserve more, and its about time that you got it,

i mean Community support officers (police) get 20k and they cant do anything but ring for back up what a joke

for what you do you should be on that easy
OK. Now take a big step back and look at this again. We (you) have been shafted and you don't yet realise it.

They are placing this alongside the word "tax" because it sounds like you are getting your tax back. This is NOT the case. You are getting what is in effect a hazardous duty bonus. The problem here is that they will be able to change the rules regarding what they class as hazardous duty locations, and they will be able to change the dates/entitlement periods. If this was actually a tax rebate, then it would be tied into the current regulations of 183 days spent outside UK territories, no matter where it was, and no matter how you made that figure up.

What we wanted was the Income Tax back from time spent outside the UK, in line with other occupations that spend time abroad. The government had pulled a blinder of a flanker on us, and all we can see is the £2200 lump sum. It's not that good (although granted, a £2200 lump sum following deployment is handy). Bear in mind that the government is recommending paying £2500 to illegal immigrant prisoners to retrain them in their own countries - you are being told yet again that you are worth less to this government and this country than prisoners or illegal immigrants. We still, in some cases, live in accommodation that it would be illegal to house prisoners in, and we are still working for less than the minimum wage, even if you add in the bonus.

Look at the way they will reclaim this money from you. Raised MQ charges over the next few years to bring them in line with the civilian market. Watch the next pay rise, and expect it to be under the rate of inflation, or watch the X-factor get an (overdue) review.

Watch the emergency services try and get the same sort of deal for hazardous duties, and watch yourselves fill in whilst they go on strike.

It should have been Income Tax related, not disguised as a bonus. Yet again we have been shafted, it's just that we are currently blinded by the figures.

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