200 Signal Squadron(20th Armd Bde) info


Hello All

I am looking for information about 200 Signal Squadron. Looked all over the site and google but the information is out dated.

Currently at Blandford training as a Comm Sys Op.

Need to know about:

General day to day activities as an operator
Accomodation and facilities
Life on camp
Training prospects


Anything else that is applicable.

Cheers if you take the time to post back relevant info.
Need to know about:

General day to day activities as an operator - doing the work of the mt and qms while trying to squeeze in your own jobs
Accomodation and facilities - dont make me laugh, if your last name starts with W i'll see you soon
Life on camp - dont ask
Training prospects - as long as its nothing useful then look forward to loads


Anything else that is applicable.

Dont, just dont...


Thanks for the reply.

We had a brief on it last week and I though it was sold to us pretty well apart from the accomodation.

After reading what you have to say I will do some more research on it.

Is it really that bad?

Thanks again.
Life is what you make it - wherever you go! You have Ops to look forward to and BATUS again this year. Opportunities a plenty for someone who wishes to progress and get on in life.

To be fair, it can be a good place, it has its ups and downs but as its a small sqn everyone has a laugh together, drinks together goes whore houses together, all good fun.
As its an Armoured Brigade signal sqn there is plenty of opportunity to work on different vehicles and get the licences that go with them.
There is plenty of scope for experience, always plenty of exercises going on from sqn level to Bde level, then the attachments to different units in this country and others.
Training can be very green with the unit, a lot of ex SF floating about.
PT can be demanding when not on exercise, comms or otherwise and even then they can keep you fit on those too.
All in all a very busy unit, very varied in what you could be doing and for the most part we all play pretty damn hard at the weekends


That is how they sold it too us at the last presentation. Sounds perfect for me to be honest.

What will be happening when they move back to the UK in the near future?

Thanks for the reply.

Ed Miliband

Could go on numerous threads but I'll put on here. Strangest duty I ever did. Ord Sgt in 83 or 84. Closed the Sqn Bar @ 11pm ;) and went to Gsn Mess Duty bunk. Got a call from 4/7 Gd Room. One of the sqn signalman was locked up. Apparently he tipped up at the guardroom ordering the 2lt Ord Officer to Call JHQ as the russians had just launched their missiles towards us. He had been watching 'War Games' during the day and was out of his head screaming at this officer. He was sent to the Prov Coy for drugs testing. When his results came back their was no evidence of drugs. Charged with being drunk. Anyone else remeber the incident?
Wow. Left AAC Harrogate in 1967, joined 200 Sigs in Jan 1968 (it was then in Detmold). Spent three years there. That was getting on for the height of the cold war and we were spending something like 4-6 months on exercise. As an intro to Army life, I couldn't fault it. Loads of fun, good mates. Wipes tear..........
I understand it's in Paderborn now. Ah me.


I remember it really well as I was there ! The man in question had been watching War Games over and over all day, add quite a lot of booze and a vivid imagination and he found himself on pan bash forever more.
Hilarious happy happy days.

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