200 Sig Sqn

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by steveu, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Hi. My lad had posting changed to 200 Sig Sqn, after Ph2 as a Comms Sys Engr. He will be there late this year, early next year. Would appreciate any info on area, Unit and wot they due to be doing in near future (as much as can be said). Thanks.
  2. Tell him to make the most of Germany, the postings won't be there much longer. Only visited for one day last year but it looked alright.
  3. As a young upwardly mobile tech Lance Jack he should be getting in touch with the unit and the garrison HIVE and then he can back breif you.
  4. He'll love it, Detmold is super.

    You get to drive clanky things, carry VW Beetles up to the second floor of the Block
    and drive them up and down the wide corridors, hide in special places on Friday A.M.
    when the SSM is doing his Respirator thing, fight with those rough Tankie peeps, beat
    the crap out of the whirlgig types with impunity, drink yourself into a stupor, buy a
    a new car every 6mths, shag everything that moves, if it's stationary push it, then
    shag it.

    Go gallivanting around the countryside, ruining crops at will, throw Hexe Blocks at the
    itinerant ragamuffins and watch them doing technicolour yawns on tasting the little

    Fall deeply in love with the rancid old crone in the last window of the 'Strasse'

    Spend all your dosh on Booze, fags and slappers, whatever is left you can safely
    blow on things that matter not a jot.

    Ah, yes, 200 Sig Sqn.......................What!!!....Paderborn?.......now?.....fcuk that!
  5. Make sure he's got plenty of Euros.

    Not sure what the exchange rate for Tingle-Tangle dollars is these days though!
  6. The Harem Club just up the road has a special on at the mo. 69 Euro all you can eat drink and enter
  7. Tell him to stand by for when it gets changed back to 21 Sigs. :)
  8. No longer happening Bde Sig Sqn will remain as they are.

    Munch Me
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  9. Defo make the most of Germany, tax free cars, massive beers and all the sex he can buy. Just make sure he doesn't mix the big beer with the other 2 as he'll be in deep shit for drink driving and there's no refunds for brewers droop.
  10. Au contraire Black Adder. I assume you havent seen the Army 2020 brief. Bdes will lose their integral Sig Sqn, which will be subsumed by Signal Regiments. Bye bye those lovely independent commands the DE types love so much.
  11. Have seen but was posted before brief delivered!

    Munch Me
  12. I also love the fact we are going to get 7 Signal Group, with good old 7 Sig Regt barely cold in its grave. Who says we dont plan ahead!
  13. 7 doesn't officially cease to exsist untill the 31st of this month.

    I bet someone who earns a lot of money (and will probably get something in the next honors list) came up with that idea....