200 Ruskie tanks left unguarded in forest.


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Interesting clicky in the margin about a spy.
I bet in the cold war days 'BRIXMIS' would have had a field day with a find like that!!!

When 'Ivan' returned back to them, they would have found a few bits missing.
Looks like the crews got to EndEx, drank one too many vodka's and just got the train home.
Russia captured a lot of kit from Georgia. I wonder if these are just war-trophies that they've realised they have no use for?
When the Ivans pulled out of the former GDR in the early Nineties, they left behind thousands of vehicles, which were just sitting on the barrack vehicle parks. Tanks ranging from T-64s to T-80s, BTR-70s and 80s and absolutely shiteloads of UAZ-469s. There were even a few antique GAZ-69s to be had. I know that an awful lot of them were "appropriated" by dealers and collectors, but I've no idea what actually happened to the MBTs. They were probably chopped up for scrap.

I like this quote - " The only items that seemed to be missing were live rounds and the keys to the tanks' ignitions." Live rounds and the keys, well that's ok then...................!!!
Leaving kit lying around's not that new... Back in summer '90 a bunch of us were on a long weekend road trip round former East Germany. Middle of Sunday afternoon we parked in one town and took a walk - barracks gates wide open so we wandered in.

It was a bit surreal walking through the tank park with T-72 and APCs all around us and nobody taking the blind bit of notice. Only months before we'd been having it drilled into us that if you see one of these within 2000m it was time to kiss your a**e goodbye and now we were having our photos taken sitting on top of them!


"WOW" funk me"!
Whatever "distracted" the troops must have been important!
"WOOPS" we forgot about our tanks will not wash with the commanding officer, by the way, where was he? :p
President Putin must be embarrassed to hell!
this caught my eye.... "the country did not need half of its 20,000 tanks and might scrap many older models."

20 000 thousand.... hmmm.... and how did they not hold afghanistan?
"Hello is that the BOS? Its Lt Ruskyvicz on BOO, do you want to meet at the hub to get our story together for why our serial checks didnt identify 200 missing pieces of armour? before i go to the adj and you go to the RSM." :oops:

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