200 missing weapons!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rickshaw., Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. More than 200 weapons belonging to the British military have been lost or stolen during the past nine years. Some of the missing weapons are antique or obsolete, but more than half are handguns or assault rifles.

    Between 1997 and 2005, the Army has had 36 SA80 rifles go missing. Only 10 have been recovered. The figure for handguns is higher, with 39 lost and seven accounted for.

    During my service (76-92) I seem to remember weapons/armoury security being very tight to say the least and although I don't think it would have been Impossible to steal a weapon I do think it would have been at least very difficult for the missing weapon or thief to stay undetected for more than a few hours, things have obviously changed.
  2. Yes what it is is that the SA80 rifle is a lot smaller than the SLR hence easy to conceal so a lot more go missing, there is also a ready market of buyers via car boot sales/ E bay to get rid of said weapons.

    Hope this answers your question and sorry for the lowering of standards since you left.

    P.S was you an armourer and did you where one of them brown "jobsworth" type coats with your rank sewn on?
  3. It's a bit worrying really, isn't it?

    Simple answer: stop issuing PPWs to femal naval officers who leave them in the toilets in Sainsburys the minute they get off-base!
  4. I take it you mean this article:


    Reasons for weapons going missing are numerous! I remember many being lost on exsersize by being put down in the dark! Or hanging on the back of a waggon and falling off! How many current weapons are in fact stolen in the first place, and not just dropped overboard or left in a toilet? The 'finder' of such weapons does not always hand it in.....
  5. She was army, if you don't have the facts then shut the fcuk up.
  6. I stand corrected.
  7. FFS, youve been on this site 5 minutes, at least familiarise yourself before flaming people with your first post.
  8. Just mention weapons or even just parts and ebay are all over you like a rash, so there is no ready market there. Anyone got an L1A1 for sale?
  9. How do you lose a rifle?

    Mind you, had a mate who lost his gas parts on ex. Ha!

  10. You don't lose one you swap one as somebody did on an exercise I was involved in. Some swapped personal kit but this person didn't have anything to swap so swapped an SLR. Got a nice shiny US model in return but stuck out like a spare prick at a wedding and was then told the error of his ways but not before the shite hit the fan in lorryload sized lumps.
  11. There was a story on here a while ago about a training exersize on the plain, where when diging a trench they came across a Gimpy that had been 'lost' for over 10 years. They had filled in the trench and did not think of digging it back up to take a look!

  12. Theres a few for sale on here. http://www.milweb.net/classifieds/class2.php?... Scroll about half way down. Theres also the odd SA80 on there. Including an A2 !!!! WTF walts can get them & theres still units out there who have,nt !!! I seriously concidered to get an L1A1 for my study wall which led me to this site. I have NO walt asperations whatsoever !!!!! :roll:

    Regards LT.
  13. Is it just me that can't see anything expect for some Czech half-tracks on that site?
  14. Thanks LoneTree a pure seam of lurverly walty items, unfortunately i think i will have to frequent the seedier bars of the welsh equivalent of Liverpool (Barry) to find one that goes bang more than once. Not that i condone the illegal posession of firearms but the way this country is going its either that or emigrate.