200 miles walk for H4H

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by aradia, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. heyy, i'm planning a 200 mile walk for H4H and i'm trying to get people involved though not many seem to want to. i need help organising it as i'm doing it on my own and i haven't got much time, with college, exams, training, and everything else. so i'd appreciate the help. i plan to do it over 10 days fromstarting in Heversham and finishing in Redcar. like i said any help to organise it would be much appreciated and if anyone wants to participate, let me know, if anything it would be a good training exercise to do. although i want to do it in 10 days, that's max, it would be great to do it in a lesser amount of time
  2. so why have you posted on here, why don't you ask your civvy mates, mum and and dad or your family......where all to busy fighting wars, anti piracy or listening to Imam's sprouting shit during Eid.
  3. Is he free? I thought he was dead...
  4. :|
    you think i haven't already tried that mate and ouch, i thought i would include others in a similar situation to join in cause it is to do with help for heros just a bit of common sense
  5. hold that cymbal Jarrod, Imam's just for you......there you go dear
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